I'll be the grinch this xmas


i have been very grumpy lately

and now i am fed up with xmas :frowning:

i’ve had enough

call me the grinch if you want lol


Don’t be to hard on yourself. We can’t be happy and cheerful all the time. But as far as I’m concerned Xmas has been cancelled this year also due to lack of interest!


Maybe make an anti-Christmas tree. All you need is a triangle pile of dirty clothes with a feather duster upside down on top. We can even have a post your Anti-Xmas tree thread.


I really don’t know if I am looking forward to Christmas Eve at my brother’s house this year.

I am upset at my two Aunts and they will be there at the party - not into being around a lot of people this year, my anxiety has kind of been high lately - lots of medication changes, so I am a bit moody.

We shall see how it goes, Klonopin will be my best friend that night


Dr. Seuss’ grinch is a part of Christmas.

I hope to look out at the stars and galaxies on Christmas Eve.



1/3 elf, 1/3 grinch, 1/3 hermit.


Maybe you should celebrate Festivus instead. With feats of strength and go around the table to each person and tell them how they disappointed you this past year. But yeah, “Festivus: a holiday for the rest of us”.

Sorry, kind of an inside joke.


No, I need to haul that load up to the top of the mountain + change my mind + ride it back down.
However I still would be afraid of the Who’s. I would leave the gifts and feast at the gate. Then it would begin to snow.


Are you going to an observatory?


I have to break out my “charlie Brown christmas tree” and plug it in.
It is a dead xmas tree with no needles on it and a few tiny blinky lights, looks like the one on the cartoon.


well first i need a house, then i need a tree, then… would that be called a tree house? ‘no’ don’t be stupid. a tree house is a house in a tree not a tree in a house ‘doh’

so unless i get a house soon xmas is cancelled :frowning:

and i haven’t even been naughty :cry:

why me!!!, why meet!!!


Perfect! Mount Crumpit.


I wish. I use the internet and binoculars for now.





i’ve changed my mind lol,

i don’t want to be the grinch haha