Looking forward to Christmas?

hi guys :sunny:

is anybody else looking forward to Christmas?

Christmas use to be a bad time of the year for me but i would always try and make the best out of a bad situation, i was hospitalized at Christmas a couple of times which i deeply regret because it must have ruined it for others i guess, but i like to think they were happy i was getting help and just enjoyed themselves anyway, i did get some visits tho i am very happy about that, idk what i would have done if no-one had visited me.

this year however i am stable and i feel pretty good, i want to make it the best Christmas ever, i’m going to make Black current and ginger wine from the yu-lade i bought and give it to friends and family (its non-alcoholic btw) so dont worry and it tastes amazing, i am going to get a holly wreath for my front door :slight_smile: i cant wait and i cant wait to put the Christmas tree up somewhere. and i will also be attending some Christmas services in the area and in the run up to it :), i have written out some cards for friends and family too,

what do you usually do around Christmas


X-mas is kids favourite day. We will be at my mom’s place this year. Me and my sister and brother, a few good friends and mom will eat x-mas dinner.

Three years ago I had psychosis on x-mas. I ran around with my drawing and showed everyone what nice colors my pencil could make… yeah right. I was the only one who could see the colors. When I finnally realized that i changed my pencil to crayons.

I like christmas for the family get together, I just suck at shopping. I never know what to buy or how much to spend. I like hearing the christmas carols.


Daydreamer…I am so glad your up for enjoying the season. You have got the plan in place for a great holiday. The black current wine sounds good.

It’s odd because this is also only the second Christmas since I was 16 that I’ve been stable enough to enjoy. In the past the kid sis would try her hardest to make sure I wasn’t left out, but I hid in my room and locked the door anyway. Christmas used to be the season of psychosis for me as well. This year, I’m stable and looking forward to it.

I’m not decorating a tree inside. There’s a nice one outside in the court yard that my landlord will let us decorate.
The kid sis and I are going to have a quiet breakfast over at the parents house and then we can take off before the army of aunts, cousins, and extended family. Like last year I plan on popping in and out through out the day if I can take it. My parents are really good about not having hard feelings if I have to cut out after 20 minutes or so. Which makes it easier to go in the first place.

I hope you all have a Christmas that is happy and you have a chance to be with people who help make it that way. :smile:

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My kid sis in not SZ and she HATES malls around this time of year. I never go to malls any time of year. But she jokes that she would rather take all her midterms and final’s for school again then step in a mall at this time. She’s the queen of

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I love Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday. The meaning of it all, the positivity, the love, the music…its all magical to me.

I usually make recording of Christmas songs on my keyboard and send them to friends over the holiday. I’ve already started making recordings lol. I have my favorite: O Holy Night; and a few other cheery carols.

Those are my gifts to my loved ones. Not much, I know. But they’re from the heart.

Gotta love the Christmas spirit :slight_smile:



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i used to love Christmas…but now it is kind of boring…i don’t get much, and i cant give much either…

i love it when i hear father christmas on the roof tops delivering all his presents, i have been hunting him for decades, i will get him one day, his head will look really good on the mantle piece next to the tooth fairy…ha…ha
take care

two weeks before christmas last year i had a esipode of psychosis,had to go to hospital, i got out xmas eve

this year im fine and can’t feel any better, ive forgiving myself for past regrets

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I am so glad your feeling up for the holidays. It’s nice to be looking forward to something like this and not trying to keep from crumbling further. This is only the second holiday season since my teens that I’m lucid enough and not in a negative swing that I feel I can participate.

Pedro 27, am I remembering correctly when you once posted that you have a six year old son?