I hate the taste of anger


It taste like bitter orange peels and bad vinegar. I’m trying to keep my cool. But the kid sis has a friend who I think is not a good influence. She has many actually. But I don’t like it when my kid is drug into melodrama due to others silly antics. I see my kid as getting in deeper and deeper problems due to the friends. Then I get over protective. I don’t want to start getting paranoid. But I really don’t like her friends. Yes, I’m glad she was there for a friend, but why? These people call her a goodie-two shoe, make her feel bad and badger her for not doing drugs and then run to her at any little glitch or over dose.

I am trying to be understanding and remember that I too was a person user and abuser when I was also a drug user and abuser. But I still get angry when stuff like this happens. There has to come a time when even a person like my kid sis has to say enough is enough. Isn’t there?

By being lucid and seeing how much energy my kid sis pours into her friends, I’m beginning to get a sinking feeling about how I abused my friends. I’m beginning to understand why some of them left. (plus, some of them came back when I got sober)

When stuff like this happens, I don’t see my kid sis like the 17 year old she is… I see something quiet different. I look at her and in my head I really do still clearly see this…

Then I get overprotective in a big way. If I think that someone is harming or taking advantage of this little kid… Then my understanding, patience and good will towards men starts to fade quickly.


You have to be able to let go a bit. She needs to make her own misstakes and trip and fall before she can walk. I have two kids, 8 and the older one is 12 (he has PDD-NOS). It’s hard to see them trip and fall, but they get stronger and manage to find their own way in life. It’s very easy to be overprotective when your kid has a disability, but I have to let go and let him discover the world by him self. I can be there for him, to calm him down and soothe when needed. But I can’t protect him from misstakes and crushed hearts forever, that would be very mean of me.


I’m gonna give you some advice coming from a teen. You can get mad, but I doubt that it is gonna do anything. You can’t shield a teen or they’ll never learn anything. Just let her make her mistakes, she will come to her senses sooner or later, J. All you can really do is be there for her.


Being a father of a 18yr old daughter & soon to be 17yr old son what I do is I keep instilling morals & show both of them how people that I used to hang with turned out going down those same messed up paths & they need to know that they are leaders not followers. My daughter started to hang with a cousin of hers that I really didn’t like at all but at the time my daughter was full of herself so I had to kinda back off just let her bump her head & let her know that your dad will be here regardless if she is right or wrong. There are so many things that pull these kids in so many directions but if the foundation they come home to is solid they won’t falter. Now my daughter listens to me, we hang out more, she talks to me about things that bother her plus because of my experiences with this so-called (schizophrenia) has made our relationship stronger. My babegirl is now attending community college getting all her prerequisites out the way then it’s off to a University so she can concentrate on what she wants to be. Let her know that she is loved and you’ll always be there for her but keep throwing that morality at her & one day she’ll see how all those kids turn out as adults. And that cousin of my daughter got pregnant & now is a teenage mother that dropped out of school.


i think the photo of your sis is cute, but her expression seems to me , that she is saying to you , " hey J , this is my life you have to give me some freedom ! ".
from what you have written about your sis she seems pretty cool and wise, she will make mistakes (hopefully not ) but we learn from our mistakes , become wiser, and therefore ultimately become kinder individuals .
you are a very protective and a loving big brother and it is hard to let go. the most important thing is that she knows that she has a safe place to fall , you will always be there for her.
take care


Think of it like this, it’s good practice for real life while remaining within reach of someone who can help. You arn’t always going to be there forever, so the best thing you can do if you love someone is make them fiercely independent.
And recall you saying yourself that when you get bad and need to talk, the best someone can do for you is just listen to you, you don’t expect others to fix it, but to just listen is best?


My parents got so overprotective over me, and instead of doing the right thing I had to go and do the exact opposite of what they’re trying to protect me from…being overprotective can have bad effects, maybe just let her know that u care for her and u don’t want her to suffer and let her do what she finds the best choice for her…I think if u gave her your trust she wont fail you…and by saying that you wouldn’t be disappointed with her…try to find something else to fill that protecting obsession, u can do it…so lovely kid sis you have, you must be proud of her.goodluck