I hate religion being crammed down my throat

So I went to the gas station that has the world’s best coffee, and as I was checking out, the old guy said “God bless you.” All I could come up with was “Huh.” He then thanked me and I left. All this banter about X-Mas and Easter gets more and more pompous each year.

'God bless you" made you mad? It’s kind of a small deal. But I hate religion being crammed down my throat too. I try to keep an open mind.

Yes, because I am a devout atheist, and I don’t feel like other people should throw gas on the fire. All he had to say was “thank you” or something, but I’ve NEVER encountered a god bless you. I even cringe at Merry Christmas. He works in a public store. Many people would get offended by that, Including me.

How would he know you are an atheist? But I can see your point.

How would he know I’m Christian (playing devil’s advocate)? Politics and religion should only be discussed with your significant other. You’ll never change people’s minds.

Maybe he shouldn’t be saying it, but I bet he says it to everyone. I believe atheists are a minority. Christians are the majority(or close to it). People just assume that most people believe in god.

Atheists may be in the minority as a whole, but Generation X and the Millennials have as high as a 45% disbelief in a deity. Atheism is growing by the day.

Wow, I thought I read that 90% of Americans believe in GOD!!!

OK, my numbers may be a little off, but according to this graph, 2 billion are Christians, while 850 million are atheists:


But that’s worldwide.

US Figures:

I’m concerned with my own situation in my own area.

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Check out the link I posted seconds before you posted yours.

I see. Good statistics.

well all i can say is ‘God not bless you’ hahaha sorry for being so droll haha

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Who are you talking to?

he said that he was angry about someone saying ‘God bless you’ so i said ‘God not bless you’ as a joke lol

I see…I’m a little touchy right now.

sorry, nobody gets my jokes anyway lol

No, I could use a few laughs right now. Joke away until your hearts content.