Trashing religion

not been funny hear but it seems that a lot of people ‘that don’t believe’ think it is smart or ‘funny’ to trash other peoples religion, they try to justify themselves and their beliefs by slating others. its like saying -

i am an atheist because God is bad and i hate him blah blah blah,

you dont here anyone saying ‘i hate atheists’ you cant say you hate an atheist because he doesnt believe
you cant say anything really, if an atheist wants to not believe then that is up to him/her

but why do they need to forever tell us that we are all bad people because we belive in something, its beyond me. if you dont want to believe then thats up to you but you dont need to trash talk my religion whenever you feel like it.

just gets me down man, all that negativity, fed up with it.

i mean i talk about it sometimes on here but not all the time but thats because it helps me, i mean does trashing religion help you? if it does then something is very wrong.



You’re post has made me ponder… I do realize that some of my past violent and negative experiences with religious representation here on earth as clouded my judgement. I do thank your for your patience and friendship as I try and open my mind and get over that past. I value your input.

I will try and not let that past keep coming up and start getting too out of hand. If it does, you can call me on it. “Hey J, that’s no fair now… things change. So dial it down please”

I can understand about the negativity. It can consume. I will try not to let it consume again.
Please accept my apology. I will work harder to check the negativity at the door.


Well I am an atheist and I respect religious schizophrenics…whatever guides you through schizophrenia, use it. I just don’t like when people get delusional with religion, because that creates a problem where delusions and religion become mixed up. Like schizophrenics who think they are prophets or even jesus…that’s not healthy…

I think that being religious and being delusional can get mixed up and have some bad results. But people who are religious and still take medication often do pretty well. It’s when they think they shouldn’t take meds because god/saints/angels/satan are talking to them that creates a big problem and ends in noncompliance with treatment and therefore potential disaster.

I myself have never been religious. I am a hardcore scientist, but I have seen people do very well with their mental illnesses with religion. I respect whatever gets one through the living hell of psychosis, whether it’s scientific understanding of one’s illness or faith in a higher power, whatever works!

But medication compliance is a must for all schizophrenics. You can’t expect to get better without help from other people (psychiatrists, therapists). God didn’t let humans create antipsychotics with the intention of them not being taken, if that makes sense to anyone…

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trashing religion has two aspects, trashing the believer or trashing superstitious to favor the believer, we must differentiate these two and again trashing religion has two aspects, trashing religious ceremonies or trashing god, trashing god in my opinion is an insult to human, being the enemy of god? thats ok but saying that god is nonexistent ruins the total structure of soul and mind and human will not know what is true or not.

i don’t mind anybody’s religious belief so long as they r moderate. what i do mind is believers trying to convert non believers when they r clearly not interested. i would love there to b a god but what i don’t understand is how he can allow such suffering to go on in the world without some form of justice. if god is love does he love peadophiles, rapists and murderers the same as everyone else? it just seems so unfair that i can’t believe in a benevolent god. anyone who needs worshipping in my opinion has human traits of narcism and jealousy and who wants a god like that? i’m not trashing ur beliefs dreamer i just don’t agree with them. u have ur beliefs, i have mine. i respect ur right to believe as u respect my right to disbelieve. xxx

i think a lot of it is just down to a lack of understanding,

i think that might be another symptom of sz

i sometimes think a lot of people just make it up as they go along lol

and i’m not in the habit of telling people off

i’m not stupid enough to believe that this one post is going to change things.

but it has been building up inside and when that happens it needs to come out.

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I slightly confused here. If the atheist says that they hate god how is that the same as the believer saying I hate atheists? Can you clarify what you mean please.

Huh that was my first time trying to quote something. doesn’t look like it pasted everything I highlighted!

"its like saying -

i am an atheist because God is bad and i hate him blah blah blah,

you dont here anyone saying ‘i hate atheists’ you cant say you hate an atheist because he doesnt believe
you cant say anything really, if an atheist wants to not believe then that is up to him/her"

that’s what I tried to quote

My one online friend i have is an atheist. But you know what he is more christ like in his behavior than a lot of religious people I’ve met. Very nice man. But he doesn’t trash religious and i don’t trash atheism. :slight_smile:


I ignore trash comments about a lot of stuff religion being one of them. . I don’t care what others think. It only matters what i believe. :slight_smile:

I struggle with religion and with God. I’ve had some very bad experiences with priests in the confessional. And so many of the priests and nuns are only concerned with wealth and power, and treat the poor like dirt. I’ve prayed to God and told him that I was angry with him. I’ve also prayed and asked for things. He never says yes to my prayers. I’ve also been to community church gatherings where they were only concerned with bashing “sinners” as if they were so righteous. So my experiences with religion have not been all good.

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i want to believe we can live side by side, i’d like to think that we can let bygones be bygones

you know people do sometimes have bad experiences with religion and it is totally not their fault and i think it would be brilliant if we could all just forgive and forget,

everybody makes mistakes, its a human trait some people call these mistakes sins, some people call them accidents or blips or worse. but at the end of the day we are all human and we all need to help each other out


I bet you think it would be silly for someone to believe in Zeus or Odin. That’s exactly how many feel about your god.

I don’t trash religion but I don’t respect it either. To be proud of believing something without evidence seems ridiculous.

Also, religion to a schizophrenic is a dangerous thing. It’s easy to get caught up in it, to obsess over it, and to become delusional with it.


i am honest all the time, i do not believe in god, the devil, religion, though i admit to liking the wisdom of buddhism not the religion , the meditation yes i like.
we live in a society where there is free will , where one can speak our mind .
i accept the belief of others, i hope i do not come across as ’ bashing ', but if i do , that is just me.
it is better for a person to be truthfull and tell the truth , and in so doing making enemies.
than to live in lies and lie and be surrounded by friends who are not friends.
i am hopefully accepting of all people , sz, bi polar, disabled , black, yellow, white with purple dots…and those damned jedi…
take care


Do you think extraterrestrials believe in god? It takes a similar leap of faith to believe in god and e.t. it’s just on talk shows atheists are right! Religious beliefs debunked. I’m telling you listen to Bill Maher stand up if it doesn’t offend you! It’s like religious people haven’t gotten it yet they still believe in archaic stuff that happened thousands of years ago.

you want evidence lol, look around you and ask yourself where did all of this come from, look in the mirror and ask yourself that too, see how far back you can go until you can get to him, he made everything, so the evidence is staring you straight in the face.[quote=“Malvok, post:13, topic:2018”]
Also, religion to a schizophrenic is a dangerous thing. It’s easy to get caught up in it, to obsess over it, and to become delusional with it.

if i was unstable and i got delusional again i think i would be glad that i was religious and believed in god because it is a good thing as opposed to having some horrible delusions about some really nasty things and God knows what someone might do.

God made everything? Who made your god?

To me delusions and God are about one in the same. I’m not empty enough to sell out over our creator who honestly should be worshipping us. He’s the perfect one and we’re the ones with all the illnesses. If he really wanted you to follow him he would come down and tell you to follow him and not hide wherever he is. If God needs more power then there is something seriously wrong with him. If you believe we should be held accountable for our sins in the afterlife then there is something seriously wrong with and you need to grow up. This is an unwinnable argument so I’m just going to say most people follow religion because they think they are better than everyone else and feel they have the right to judge everybody else.

There is no evidence for the existence of your god. Some of the wisest and most intelligent men throughout time have tried to prove the existence of a deity, they have all failed. Do you really think you could do any better? Lol.