I hate religion being crammed down my throat

I have been guilty of telling a World War II war veteran “God Bless you” before, he was collecting money for veterans. I do not say this to every joe on the street. I dont think that a cashier working with the general public should be saying this to the customers - I personally am not religious but spiritual, so I do acknowledge a God but I do not push my personal spiritual beliefs on others, because I do not have a specific belief system and I do not like other religious people cramming religion down my throat. I do see your point @alien99 and I would be upset with a “God bless” comment, especially coming from a cashier or store attendant

Having a psychotic episode has made things like this roll off of me like water off of a duck’s back even more than they did before that, I think. I think things like: “What if the poor cashier is just delusional, and voices or something told him that he must spread blessings from above to people, to improve his karma or something?” I think that being in a situation where terrible things happened to my head that I could not control has given me even more tolerance for people doing things that seem really illogical to me.

Maybe the cashier was just being an idiot, and was unaware of the prevalence of atheistic beliefs; or, maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t. It is that ‘maybe’ that makes it easier for me to dismiss things like this.

Me too.

When I was young my family and their church friends rammed their beliefs down my throat big time. It just made me bitter and angry, the exact opposite of what they wanted. I guess I should be grateful, it helped me follow my own path.

Last night I started work on organizing and backing up my files. I had a ton of books, audiobooks, and videos about atheism, mainly Richard Dawkins stuff. I ended up deleting them all, not because I don’t think it’s true or because I find it uninteresting but because I know it’s true, I don’t need convinced, and because I have zero desire to convert anyone.

There is way too much emphasis in the world on trying to convince others of one’s views. Everyone does it about almost every subject. At this point in my life I don’t care what someone believes. I just do my thing.


@Malvok Great minds think alike. I recommend you pick up a copy of George H Smith’s Atheism: The Case Against God. It’s roughly 350 pages long, but he tears it to shreds in the first 50.

@Malvok Great minds think alike. I recommend you pick up a copy of George H Smith’s Atheism: The Case Against God. It’s roughly 350 pages long, but he tears it to shreds in the first 50.”

I was an agnostic, and then later, an atheist. I’ve switched back to agnostic over time.

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Wow this is exactly how I feel and try to live my life. I was not put on this earth to try to change others belief system - Live and let live is my creed. I too do my own thing

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Live and let die is my creed…da na na, da na na, da na, da na na, da na na na na… :smile:


It’s all a matter of opinion I guess. It’s their faith and their intentions and heart are in the right place whether or not I participate or accept their belief in their religion. But I agree, religion shouldn’t be forced upon anyone but I don’t see this as being forced


I don’t get offended when people at the shop say Merry Christmas or God Bless You… when I sneeze.

It’s the ones who hover just out side the door of the library where my Sz support group will meet and they try and cram it down out throats then. Pray harder and all your illness will disappear.

Or the ones who invade and harass homeless camps… Those are the ones who really upset me.

When I hear of people getting deeply offended about a christmas tree in public… I think… REALLY? That is the worst thing to happen to you today? You saw a Christmas tree in the park? Trade shoes with me. Really… enjoy my head circus for 24 hours and you won’t care at all about a tree in a park.

This state is a bit laughable when it comes to handling this issue. The major airport put up a “Winter Celebration” display and some Rabbi was angry that they didn’t include any thing from the Jewish faith… he really raised a media stir… so the airport took down every last hint of winter celebration. People were mad when it was up, and people were mad when it came down…

I love this little gem…

The Atheist Christmas/ non-christmas tree. No wonder people think we’re silly.


I’m ashamed of a lot of Christians being so into bringing up God to strangers. I don’t ever talk about that I am a christian, but atheists always talk about how they see God, kind of a double standard? Spirituality is personal, like alien said. I keep it to myself unless talking to someone that wants to know what I believe? “don’t discuss God and Politics”…learned that a long time ago.

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I also believe in live and let live.Obviously a lot of other people don’t.

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Personally, I consider myself to be a spiritual person. But I keep that to myself. When I worked in the hospital, I would often say “blessings” (as I’m known for here lol) to patients, with no religious connatation attached. Or around Christmas time would say “happy holidays” rather than merry Christmas.

What does bother me is when people are insensitive to others about their beliefs. For example, a local church comes into my apartment complex THREE TIMES PER MONTH, every month, and knocks on doors. They give out religious material and try to discuss their beliefs with the residents.

I find their insistence to be disrespectful. Especially knowing that they’ve gone to the same household 3 times already in a span of weeks. Its overkill.

I’ve learned to just not answer the door anymore. And I’ve complained to the management that they should be keeping these people out of our complex.

Whatever your beliefs, keep them to yourself. Or within the confines of your religious institution.



Pretty soon you’re state is going to steal the title and reputation of “flakes” and “crackpots” away from California!!

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I’m neither atheist nor Christian, I am an agnostic. I agree that religion should not be crammed down anyone’s throat, but for someone to say “God bless you” that is their right to say it. I heard an atheist say once that even the mention of religion in public should be considered offensive. I don’t get this point of view as much as I don’t get the evangelical point of view. Can’t we not believe in something without wanting to cram our own point of view down people’s throats? Without being offended at the mention of such things not personally believed in?


I became “born again” when I was a teenager. We were taught that if people didn’t believe in Jesus they would spend eternity in hell. I am no longer a Christian, but with that kind of theology one becomes concerned for other people. Not only that but I found so much joy in my relationship with God that I wanted people to feel what I was feeling. The bible is a dangerous weapon. Everyone is aware of what people have done in the name of God for centuries and continue to do today. Apparently it is justified to hate and demoralize people and completely overlook the Golden Rule as long as it is in the name of Jesus. When I was a Christian I tried to help people. I volunteered to feed the homeless and bought lunch with my own money for homeless people I came across. When it became evident to me what kind of people my Christian friends were, I sort of woke up and realized what a crok of ■■■■ the bible really is. Today I have a good relationship with God, not Jesus, and live by the Golden Rule as much as I can. I’ve learned to instead of pushing my beliefs down people’s throats to live my faith and if someone asks me then I will tell them my beliefs. I believe though that there are many paths to God and no one group can claim Him alone. Or if you are an atheist that is ok too. As long as you’re a good person and treat people with respect. :sunny:


We seem to live in an increasingly callous and uncaring world (perhaps that’s just my perception, mind you). I will gladly accept any kindness of a stranger and be grateful for it these days. The packaging of the kindness is less important to me as of late.



I wouldn’t exactly say that someone saying “God bless you” is cramming religion down your throat. Being told that you have to convert to Catholicism or leave within four months with no possessions, as the Spaniards under Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand were told to do–that is cramming religion down your throat. If someone says to you, God bless you, you can just say, I don’t believe in God, but I hope you have a nice day.

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If it makes you feel better most of the times it is an issue of them not thinking. They aren’t intentionally trying to antagonize you. I grew up agnostic in Southern Baptist country. When I was in third grade I made this one kid really mad because I told him I worshiped Zeus. He started picking on me a lot for it. But part of that might have been because I’ve always been rather strange and strange really rubs certain people the wrong way.

It comes down to an issue of majority vs. minority. People don’t think 'How would I feel and be treated if I was no longer in the majority. What if Hindus were in the majority or Secular Humanists or Determenalists. If they did they would treat the outliers better and be more considerate. You never know when you are going to be the outsider. They just don’t think that way. Growing up people just didn’t think maybe it would make people uncomfortable if we pray before a football game. They just assume everyone is like them and thinks the way they do. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t particularly like football.

i wouldn’t mind if someone said god bless u to me. i’d take it as a compliment that they would include me in their deity’s blessings. i’m not religious myself but i don’t mind people that r. so long as they don’t start trying to convert me then it’s o.k. xxx

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yes i agree with you they shouldn’t be sayin things like god bless you when i hear things like that i think maybe they suffering from pyscosis or something cause there obviously isn’t no invisible man in fact one of the smartest men in my thoughts albert einstien said god is childish idea