I hate myself

Do you hate yourself ?

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Yes. Thoroughly.

Of course 151515

No! Other people hate me. The voices hate me and real people. Everyone on this site basically. Don’t tell me I am wrong. don’t know what is worse.

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I hate that I’m fat. I hate some of the things I’ve done. I think I love myself though.


No I’m unhappy its not going my way, but hey that’s human.


Why do psychiatrist and therapist ask this point blank?

I never knew how to interpet the question.

Are they asking if we are suicidal?
could become suicidal?
Myself includes a lot.
It includes my mind and how it thinks.
My physical body.
My life is my time on planet earth and how it is spent.

Am I supposed to pick one? two? all? or none?

F this question they ask. So confusing.

sorry I lost a friend, to the suicide …and he was the shrink .

No, why should I? :thinking:


I dont understand.

Very sorry you lost someone you cared about. I just dont like the confusing question. There are too many ways to interpet it.

They might even be inquiring about self destructive behavior.

They need to be more specific about what we hate about ourselves.IMO

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Sometimes yes very much and I don’t know why really. I try to be a kind person but I get these negative thoughts and then I hate myself for it, maybe that’s why.


I dont hate myself. Maybe i do unlnowingly.

But the thing with hate. Well there was a guy and after we dated he started hateing me like sky high for no reason. At first i got so scared. What if i did something wrong? But then i realized. He loved me so much that he started to hate me with everything in him.

What im trying to say is that in a twisted way there is love in passionate hatered.


I love myself dearly.


@Chess24 Erez send ur disability money as soon as possible…!!!

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No, I love myself

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Not much anymore.

I don’t hate myself. Hate is such a strong word, a word many people use too often without really understanding what it means.

Do I dislike myself? Sure. At times.
I recognise my good qualities, but I certainly recognise the less favorable ones as well.

When it comes to our relationships with ourselves, that old cliché “there’s a fine line between love and hate” applies very well. There are a lot of things about myself that I can only cringe when I look at them.

Yes and no, I’m a mix of light and night,

I love myself :slight_smile: plain and simple :heart: