I hate my belly!

I’ve lost 79 pounds and I still have a belly. It’s so frustrating. I diet and exercise and it’s still there. I hate it!


Do situps to burn belly fat and to work abs muscles?

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They also have an abs machine in the gym, I used it when I was going to the gym.

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Sit-ups do, but it’s not helping me so far. I do sit-ups with 60-70 pounds depending on the day. It’s just not helping


Yeah I lost 16 pounds or so but have a long way to go.

A little bit at a time @CoCo

You should be really proud of yourself.

Losing 79 pounds is amazing!


Belly fat is hardest to lose. Do more reps and less weight maybe.

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Thanks so much @Wave !

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Also more cardio will burn more fat.

I suggest crunches and could we see your looks I would want to see what you are working at.

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I would up the Reps, and lose the weights you are using. Weight can build bulk by increasing muscle, where higher reps will burn more fat


I do 60 reps. I guess I should add more

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I don’t want to post pics. Sorry @Illvoices . My hips are 31 inches and my belly is 38 inches, so it’s the upper part of my tummy that sticks out

You’ve lost a lot of weight. Over how long a timeline did you lose it? Maybe it happened at a rate where the stretched skin didn’t have time to follow along. Lot of places offer surgeries to get rid of excess skin after a certain amount of weightloss.


I can’t afford surgery. You might be right though. I lost 79 pounds since May 2020 @Miika

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@Illvoices , I meant my hips are 34 inches. Sorry!

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aw @CoCo I have a belly even though I lost most of my weight too but it is herniated so it’s the muscles that stick out not the fat…frustrating…

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Are you going to have surgery on your hernia @jukebox?

You’ll get there. Also remember that you’ve got some extra skin now and it takes your body a while to deal with it.


True @shutterbug. I just need to focus on my successes instead of my failures. It’s just that it’s hard to do

Try other exercises besides sit ups, like planks, flutter kicks, scissor kicks. sit ups can hurt your back over time, congrats on the progress so far