Angered about my gut

I have a huge gut, perhaps 50 pounds in a gut that is highly, excessively large. It looks horrible. I have observed several other people with schizophrenia and on certain drugs who have the same gut. Now in the last 6-12 months I have lost 24 pounds (without trying much). But my gut stays the same. It is so unfair. There must be something seriously wrong with me and this is going to shorten my life.
I am now a 135 pound body with a 50 pound gut. This certainly contributes to my rejection socially Do I care how others see me? Now I know from before that some of you will say to exercise. Can anyone tell me this has worked on their gut? I can just barely do any activity, so you are telling me to exercise? Exercise is no fun for me. I do take walks.


I feel you. I had a 6 pack abdominals before my schizophrenia. I gained 150lb since I was put on meds. I have a big belly bigger than my father’s now.

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Try omitting wheat. Check out this testimonial of someone who did that:

I was 135lb all muscle before my sz now I am 285lb mostly fat.

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I read that link. I am not convinced. Also it would be very hard to cut out wheat. There are not many foods I can prepare easily so it would be a major hardship.

If your belly is really big you can do a surgery to reduce it. I forgot the name of the surgery, there was 2, I think one is liposuction. I mean if its causing you psychological distress do it. I knew ppl who did these surgeries and they are not obese anymore. For me I don’t really care so I didn’t do it.

When I take off my shirt I look like I am nine months pregnant. If you find a way to get rid of your gut let me know.


That’s a valid reservation.

I’m addicted to wheat too, but it gives me a headache pretty much on cue.

I put back on all the wieght that worked hard to lose a few years ago. It sucks pretty bad.

I’m in the same boat, bruh. Currently nailing down some dental issues and then the gut is next on my list. Would be happy to have you as an exercise buddy on MyFitnessPal.

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I used to have a very prominent, firm belly as well. After I found the right meds with the least weight gain for me, I did lose weight, but as you say, the gut stayed. It wasn’t until after I cut out lactose (dairy) that it FINALLY started to soften and shrink. Could be a food intolerance. Also, if you got the gut because you craved sugar and carbs on your meds (like me) there’s a good chance that your gut bacteria are out of whack. Probiotics help too.


I was always extremely fit and slim without effort. But i gained a lot of weight on zyprexa, especially on my belly, and became very weak. People asked whether i was pregnant. Im not using zyprexa anymore and lost part of the weight. Im within the normal BMI range (68kg with 173m, used to be 53-60kg) but i still have a belly. I hate it. I also have gut problems.

I will go to an alternative doctor next week. She is specialised in food and health.

I also try to cut out sugar, cook healthily every night and indeed reduce wheat and dairy. I hope it helps.

I cant exercise, but instead im more active in my house (cleaning etc), i walk and bicycle both as exercise and transport and (before corona) i picked up dancing. These are activities that are easier for me than real sports…could you do something like that?


I see there is some hope for some things I can do. Change meds, try lactose free, probiotics, reducing wheat and sugar, and exercise. One person mentioned surgery but I won’t do that. I see that if I am really serious about this, I should try what you all say.

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I eat vegan and work on powerlifting and calisthenics to raise my resting metabolism. My abs are starting to show again after 4 years on two antipsychotics. It works for me

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I just watched a movie called, “Living Proof,” which is a documentary about Multiple Sclerosis. In that movie they said strict, healthy diet with exercise helps the course of MS significantly. So maybe there is a point to changing my diet. I am a little concerned that it will cost too much and it won’t fill me up. The issue for me is pending.

Surgery is expensive.

If I could afford plastic surgery I would have it.

Maybe you can afford it?

I’m a vegan too.

My boyfriend says my stomach is big.

Not as bad as a few years ago when everyone asked if I was pregnant or when I’m expecting…

My stomach sticks out more than my boobs and I have small boobs and it’s not a good look.

I was over 80 kg but am 56 kg now on 160 cm.

What is your diet like?

I think you should talk to your dr about it.

Can you save up for surgery?
Even if it took you a few years of saving it could be worth the wait.

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My diet is things with ground beef, things with chicken, usually a starch like potatoes or rice, sometimes a green vegetable. Sometimes fish. I make recipes with beans too. I eat a bagel or oatmeal for breakfast and usually peanut butter and jelly on cheap bread/ toast for lunch. I drink coffee and decaf coffee or herbal tea, with sucralose sweetener. (I don’t believe the reports that artificial sweetener is worse than regular sugar.) So I guess I have a poor diet. The price of food is a factor to me.

Peanut butter and jelly have too much calories. I would stop these. I stopped eating these long time ago. If I did I would be 350+lb now.

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