Finally trying to lose weight

I’ve been doing situps with the help of a rolling bar thing I did 10 yesterday and 25 today I’m a little proud of myself


That’s great!! I have been dieting for months. At first I lost 15 pounds cutting calories but now I can’t lose any more weight.


@Sheryl is that a good thing or bad?

I started on Tuesday. I have been on the exercise bike 3 days in a row and cycled 3x 15km, and cut the booze to zero.

I hope to lose weight fast, but we’ll see.

good luck with it!


@labratmat good luck! Keep up the good work

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I’m trying so hard. I’m stuck on 184lbs. I used to be 144lbs. I want to fit in my old jogging shorts and not have ginormous thighs. Good luck!


Well done you. It’s good for your general health and I think it makes a big difference to your mental health as well. Not easy but you’ve got to start somewhere.

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If you can join a gym and weight train then that’s the best way to lose weight. I lost 9kg during my first year of weight training. At my leanest I was 67kg, but I have a shoulder impingement now so I gave up on working out. I feel like weight training is superior to cardio. I had 4 ring donuts today, a strawberry sundae and a toffee one. I used to eat junk like this when I was 17-18 and didn’t gain any weight cos of the lifting, but now I’m 105kg… :’(

Sit ups is a good start

If you wanna lose weight you will have to eat less like eating under 1500 calories a day. Exercise does not help all that much.

It’s bad bc I’m trying to lose 60 more pounds. Lol

@Sheryl I’m sorry

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