I had a cousin with sz

My cousin Jason had schizophrenia. I didn’t know him very well. In 2012 he was cleaning a gun, shot himself, and bled out in the ER Room. He’s dead now. It would have been nice if we could have been closer, but he was very standoffish and paranoid. His mother and my uncle have been divorced since I was a teenager, and Jason lived mostly with his mother. She is having trouble taking care of herself now, and could have really used his help.

She must be very sad. Maybe she is depressed if she can’t take care of herself?

I have a cousine with sz too. But we have never spoken to each other. We have never met.

I have a cousin in Sweden too who has sz, it runs in our family. Last time I saw him he spoke about micro-particles of the universe, everybody thought this was crazy. He used to visit my town in order to find ‘free will’.

that’s so sad. I’ll keephis mother in my prayers.

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My sz cousin I was told about growing up, how she thought her mother was hitlers wife (she was Jewish). I actually gained a liking for her after I heard she was sz. But she was very standoffish. She’s dead now but I always had a soft place in my heart for sz. Makes me wonder

Sending my prayers .

So sad for you and your family