I got to figure out how to get my anger out

Does anybody have any suggestions on to help me with my anger?

Exercise 151515


Punch a punching bag, play video games and drink chamomile or green tea.

that is a good idea.

Ocassionally my comments help.
I own a treadmill and a total gym. Treadmill I got free from a neighbor and the total gym I bought off craigslist. 30 minutes exercise a day and I’m less stressed.

Punch your pillow.

Caffeine might help reduce the inflammation that causes it. But it might cause further irritation. YMMV.

L-Theanine could help too.

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Definitely exercise. Its the only thing that works for me.

What are you angry about? Sometimes talking about it helps release some of the energy behind it. You know, getting it off your chest.


Exercise for sure especially something tough

What really helps me when I’m upset is writing little key words about what’s upsetting me, on some post-its, and them crumbling up the post-its and lighting them on fire.
There’s something about seeing all my worries literally go up in smoke that’s therapeutic to me.

I feel that anger is a product of a weak blood brain barrier causing chronic brain inflammation and subsequent anxiety and irritation. You can’t really outthink it, you need to do something physical to fix it. Like medicine or supplements. Or a medical device of some sort.

I am trying a PEMF device to fix the damage soon.

to be honest, sometimes i let myself think angrily and think it through to the thought’s logical conclusion and then it appears for what it is – anger and for me at least ugly anger and un-productive.

hope this helps

hugs to you, judy :smiley: :crazy_face: :laughing: :joy: :star_struck:

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rub one out 123

Thank you guys for the advice!!

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