I found it hard to find a girlfriend

I found some one that I love sharing my life with. We met at a support group and it’s been awesome coming up on 2 years. I went years without a significant other in my life and wow was it lonely. Fortunately that has changed. I wish everyone on the website had a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Man it makes life easier. God like guys in finding your soul mate.


whats this girlfriend you speak of? is it tasty?


Thank you.

I’ll need the God like! :wink:


You lucky dog you.

Really though that is awesome to hear.

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Thanks much! I hope nothing but the best for you SoitGoes!

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Congratulations… I’m glad you have someone in your life.

It does make it easier to get through the day.

I’ve had lots of relationships, but it always seemed to make my life more difficult. Sounds like you’ve found yourself in a very lucky position! Well done!

Yeah me too Go figure.

I have had a couple of girlfriends…mental illness just made it not work on my part in one relationship and on her part in my latest one. I also had a boyfriend, he wasn’t cool with my disclosure of schizophrenia which wasn’t really cool.

The strange thing to note- I was the strong one in those relationships. I was functioning and always have functioned well enough to at the very least get by. I turned the tables from getting by to enhanced striving a couple years ago, now I am like officially stamped with having my ■■■■ together. I’ve had many shorter term relationships. I’ve dated mostly people who didn’t have their ■■■■ as together, but some sure as hell did.

I still like my first girlfriend- she was so sweet and was a positive force whilst I was losing my mind.

But that crap (not crap, just crappy for me at this time in life) is on hold. I am on my way out of undergrad and am open to move far away for graduate school. Can’t be anchored down.

How did you find her? Did you use to meet with her and she asked you out because she found you attractive or were you the one who asked her out and she was like surprised but said yes right away?

I’ve been seeing that love often comes when we’re not looking for it.


Put my class ring on, getting all single again, does that count? lol

I’ll wait until androids come out. Wonder if I could afford one on SSI. Maybe a cheap model lol.


Government issued ■■■■-bots for everyone

Write your representatives today

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Where you at ? Small town or big city?

If you are in a small town just stand still …she’ll get to you eventually. …they ALWAYS do.

And even in a city…just stand still they’ll get to you eventually. …they roam around in pack’s specifically hunting us out.

That is great! It is the best feeling to have someone who you know will stay by your side.

Gratz, I suppose it would be better for a couple doing things than doing them alone…people should be together though…

Sure we all here for you unless you use us for another avenue to meet guys

You are being really inappropriate all across the forum. You sound like you have some anger, but you’re taking it out in an unhealthy way. No one here is misusing the forum except you.