I'm so depressed

It’s the weekend and I’ve got nothing to do. All I want is a girlfriend to spend time with ffs.

What a struggle

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I have been feeling ill all week and depressed and shitty it sucks your not alone

Yeah 1st world problems = psychological issues + loneliness.

You should practice learned optimism.

Or do something difficult like try to quit smoking. Tell yourself your done with them and see if you can make it a day.

It’s almost better than ECT… real chemical ■■■■ storms and the brain melt of being deprived of addictive substances… I’ve come to enjoy it, at least when I’m prepared and the time is right.

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I know I bring this up a lot when someone mentions wanting a partner, but are you sure you’re missing a girlfriend particularly, and not just some friends in general?


Having a partner won’t “make” you happy. Relationships are hard work. Excepting yourself should come first cuz a partner won’t fill that hole…look at divorce rate. I’m on number 2

Do you have MI support groups where you live?

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I just want her to love me and share moments with her that make me smile

You need to get out there and date!

Are you on any dating websites?

Everything is better than ECT.


No im too worried people i know are going to find me on there.

I see hidden msgs in facebook the whole time and aparently tinder uses facebook.

ANyways, i love you rex, you are great

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If you can’t use the computer,

You just have to get out there!

You’re a good looking guy,

Go to a local hot spot and chat somebody up.

That’s what I used to do…


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