I found it hard to find a girlfriend

I was told by a psychiatrist in jail that I need to find someone normal. I was in jail for becoming aggressive towards my girlfriend at the time. By “normal”, she meant someone without mental illness. Interesting to read you had a successful relationship with someone who also has mental illness. Also, thank you for making me think of the idea of support groups, though I already attend a day program.

i ask a girl out and she politely declined

Good for you dude. Keep at it.

no, i give up i;hig

I prefer online dating where you answer a ton of personality questions and they match you with other people who answered similarly. It is a much easier way to pick someone you’re compatible with.

maybe they will find you

I am sorry for that , ive just been going through lotsa negative things in my life.

Please dont hold it against me once in a while I can be a nice guy.

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You usually are nice, which is why I was so upset by your behavior. But it is never okay to take your problems out on other people and I think you owe Ish a real apology for treating her badly. She did not deserve that.

Do you think she would go out with me if I apologize? …ok im sorry that was just bad taste.

Next time I see her I’ll apologize.

I think that in the perfect world there is sexual equality. Everyone should be free to experience their sexuality of choice and shouldn’t feel left out or oppressed by those in the “have”. Today there is a lot of “haves” and “have nots” when it comes to sexuality & relationships.

It’s going to take sometime chipping away at this “cisgendered heterosexuality is #1” culture all across the globe, though. Transsexuals & homosexuals need to be considered equal, too, in order for everyone to experience real happiness.

In this situation she was the assertive one. She’s diagnosed bipolar so we share that we both have mental illness. It turns out that’s a positive.

None of my relationships with fellow MI patients have ever worked out. Toxic comes to mind. When things get serious emotional baggage gets thrown around in many forms. Most of it irrational. Not saying they are all like that, but please be careful.

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Just remember: it doesn’t count as an apology if you include a smartass remark in the same post.

i havent had much luck lately

I like to be alone, I have not been looking for any girlfriends, because I really like to be alone. Of course, I have family members and few other people I talk with, then I see many people walking around my little town. And what comes to sex, I think that I had a lot of sex when I was younger, maybe it is karma, I had a lot of sex in the past so that I do not need to have so much now.

Ya I never had much success in relationships with women with no MI but she does so there’s kind of an understanding and solidarity between the two of us.

Wow youre a lucky one, nice. i had girls interested in me but it wasnt mutual. Finding a girl that is interested in you plus you find her attractive is really a blessing.

No doubt! Totally a blessing!

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I already forgot…what?..what?..apologizing isn’t good enough?

Who the f**ck do you think you are you are talking down to me?

What have you done to merit such arrogance?

Ill list my accomplishments once you have.