I need a girlfriend

Dear god can you please break my belief that if i get a girlfriend no organisation will come after and kidnap me ffffsss

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I need a girlfriend too, but my husband won’t let me have one. lol. Just kidding. So you start thinking they will come after you if you get in a relationship? Why do you think that? You know that’s not true right?


Its hard for me to not believe it. Ive told myself a hundred times and then i say its fine and when i meet a girl or just randomely think of a girl out of nowhere i go straight back into it. Its so ingrained in me im destined to be single forever, im 29 havnt since i was 18 cause of it… Im so fokking lonely. I think it must be so beautiful to wake up next to someone you in love with. meds dont help with this belief, shes sitting strong.

That’s terrible. But what if you’re just waiting for the right one? What if you meet someone and all of a sudden you don’t get that same messed up thinking? Are you able to make friendships with women?

I hope that is the case. I met a girl in hospital 4 months ago i tried to be friends with her and the belief got even stronger when i just had the thought of thinking about dating her and i couldnt talk to her anymore, i felt so ■■■■, i still do. It sux…but its been with me so long im so used to it, i dont think it can be changed.

You a great person :sunny: :slight_smile:

Sweetheart I know you can overcome this with the right woman. And I know there is someone out there for you. Please don’t give up. It is so wonderful to find your other half. Do you do therapy?

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My life is definitely in danger if I get a girlfriend!

(Mrs. Pixel would NOT approve.)



@Magicfish I think you just need to find people to hang out with, not necessarily a girlfriend.


i think the only way for you to change that belief is to go ahead and get a girlfriend. you will see that nobody has come for her and after time i think your belief will change. good luck. i also want a girlfriend but i have a low paying job right now and dont have the confidence to go after a girl. i can hardly afford myself.

Not to be rude, but… You don’t NEED a girlfriend, you WANT a girlfriend.
Don’t be with a person just to be with someone, be with them because you want that particular person.


Maybe you can explain that to the secret group thats going to kidnap me…

When i get close it flare into full blown paranoia

I used to think that they were trying to isolate me so they could bump me off…

So when I first became unwell I started a FB account… I said some stupid stuff when psychotic, but I felt less isolated.

As for girlfriends I think I’d need a job: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrLequ6dUdM

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I need a job, money, girlfriend, organic food (lol), and I need to lose weight. Education wouldn’t hurt.

Rofl dude that song

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I’ve had girlfriends galore all of my life and nothing compares to the bliss of being single today. Girlfriends come with a lot of drama and heartache. You’re better off without them. At least I am.

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