I wish i had friends or a girlfriend

Im sitting here on friday evening doing nothing.

My life is so goddamn boring i want something to happen ffs!!!

I feel like im trapped in prison staring at the wall 90 precent of the time.

Oh yea, how you doing?


I’ve given up on being in a relationship. But I’m 48 now ! You’re still young I’m sure it will happen.


I’m over it!


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how old are you sir


Almost 30 years old.


He is 29 and i am 31… life sucks…!!!

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I guess I take being in school for granted sometimes. I have years before I really have to worry about really being alone. I feel alone a lot, but I’m not actually alone. It sounds difficult. I’m sorry you struggle with loneliness.

I wish I had friends to do stuff with, too. It’s so hard making friends as adults and then to add the social isolation of mental illness on top it’s awful. You seem really cool, though. If I lived in SA I’d hang out with you.

I just broke up with my girlfriend and can guarantee you that a relationship is not supposed to be a mean to an end. You need to have abundance at first and then get into a relationship.

if you want a girlfriend so bad, don’t they have dating sites in SA? I’ve thought about using a dating site, but I figure no normal woman wants to deal with a jobless, live with parents schizophrenic

I’m thinking my laziness kind of makes me unattractive for friendship. I’d be happy to hang out all day, but I think most people want to go out and live their lives a little and then come home and have a relationship.

to wallafish:



In December I was jobless and living with my parents and I was able to have sex with different girls. I’m still jobless and living with my parents. I don’t doubt that I can again pick up girls, but I’m thinking on focusing on what I want to do with my life.

I need at least to get a job, but my sciatic nerve is killing me (I can’t even walk very well).

Well, I’m not attractive because I’m obese.

I don’t like men so I’m out of the loop

Take a look at videos created by RSD Luke. He’s chubby and still pick up girls.

I feel like I’m a long way from hooking up with women again. But good for you, relationships with normal women isn’t easy with this

Normal women? :laughing:


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