I find peace in toys

They take my mind off of the paranoia. There the original fidget toys. Legos in particular. I have a massive collection. I estimate I’ve got 1 million pieces,took me 30 years to get this much. It’s still entertaining to mess with them now that I can build anything I can think of.


It’s not any different than being addicted to video games, have those too. Gotta kill time ya know. I use to be really into computers. Like reading about parts and comparing frame rates with multiple video cards. I quit cause every 8 years I was buying an even bigger pc than the last. I quit when cell phones started doing things pc’s did but faster and cheaper. Last pc cost 3000 and I don’t even use it now, it’s just collecting dust. I built it.


Good for you! Most folk I know suffer because they don’t have hobbies! It really is a good thing to have something to focus on besides schizophrenia and all it entails.

Keep up the meds and keep up the hobby! I build my own computers too…so it’s a fun thing every couple of years to build up something decent…I do play a lot of pc games and always have…but your right…it’s an endless thing to be doing!

Keep on keeping on and thanks for sharing.