I love LEGO

i saw the LEGO today in the shop :slight_smile: i would buy it all if i could lol ‘so tempted’,

there was the good cop bad cop in his flying cop car lol and a mobile response truck with a moon buggy type thing lol i was in my element, just wanted to take it home and play with it all :sunny:

you probably think this is quite a childish thread but i like LEGO and i never had it as a kid and everything in the shops has a lot of LEGO stuff, i think i would be very happy with some LEGO in my life lol,

just bought 4 albums for my record player tho and i’m trying to pay back a loan,

anyway, bottom line i dont want my spending to get out of control.

i LOVE lego haha


I am glad you got some lego. Good for you. You’ve been thinking about that for a few days now. :smile:

It’s not a childish thread. My Dad uses Lego to teach structure in sculpture classes. It’s the beginning of creative building that could soon give you ideas in clay and ceramic. Who knows from there…

James May from Top Gear built an entire house out of lego…

Google “James May Lego house” to see the inside too.

You and the kid sis could play lego all day. She likes Lego a lot. Have a great afternoon getting in touch with your inner creativity.

Art no matter how humble, is of great importance.


i’m actually kicking myself that i didn’t get any because i was worried about spending to much money but i think i will try and get some later,

i feel pumped up about this, feel like i’m going to explode,

everything is going good just now but i’m still regretting college and looking for something to do so i have been filling my time listening to good music and going out for take away, now i would love to play with lego,

i am worried that i will buy it and i wont know what to do with it though, its that long since i played with anything.

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I still have a ton of legos under my bed. I was obsessed with legos as a kid. Particularly Star Wars legos. They just made a Lego movie, by the way. It’s in theaters.


i know i just watched it when it came out and it was amazing lol,

@SurprisedJ that lego house was pretty good but i bet i could do better haha i saw the one where he made a motorbike out of meccano and drove it quite far with an electric motor lol, but lego is the best,

do you know if there is a Lego land in Orlando Florida? i’d love to see it when i go on holiday.

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As far as the money, lots of thrift stores and second hand stores will have bins of lego. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on the specific kits. You can just buy a jumble of blocks and let your own creativity take over.

Look up Lego Sculpture on Google…

Legoland Florida


I can NOT believe it. I’ve run out of hearts… so… here we go again…

:heart: (like)


You might want to ask people if they have any lego they are willing to get out of their houses. You might end up with lego for free.

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i think i would be a bit embarassed haha i feel like a big kid haha i’m 30 yrs old haha its a bit weird lol

i guess i could say they were for nephew tho but i hate lying haha another ‘catch 22 situation’ lol

You don’t have to say it’s for a nephew. Say your trying an art project.

If 47 year old James May can play with lego, why can’t you?


i know but it says from 8 - 12 years on the box and i’m like hmmmm, sweep maybe you should buy that for me lol 'i just get embarrassed haha its more of an awkward nervous feeling with a mixture of fear and panic when i go to the till haha,

i suppose i could use the robot tills and then quickly put it in the bag lol

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If your worried about what people in the toy store will say… Well, Toy-R-Us online, or my friend. Then it’s cheeper then a normal store anyway.

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thanks its just i live in a close with a shared entrance and its still awkward, might be better if they wrapped it in something but idk if they do that,

but the thing is… what happens i get the lego and i just regress in to a kid again and people come to my house (which never happens) but might and see’s all the lego lying around haha

idk how i would explain myself haha

Amazon will deliver stuff in their uniform brown box with the Amazon logo on it and it doesn’t say on the package WHAT is in the box.

My dear friend daydreamer, who cares what the neighbors think if they see you playing with lego. It’s not illegal, it’s not immoral, in fact there are a lot of people who love lego.

If my kid sis saw all that lego, she’s sit down and play with it too. If you set up a lego table in your yard I bet lots and lots of people would stop by and play with it. Again, James May and his playdough table in the London subway. Lots and lots of people stopped by and played with the playdough.

Play is very important for a healthy mind.


what about an unhealthy mind lol,

i’m hoping i dont start getting mischievious and start running around making noises with my spaceship haha or the police siren (i probably will) it is so funny talking about it,

its really good to take your mind off of things that are bothering you as well haha, thats what i do all the time on meds and it helps, distraction, distraction, distractions, fill your head with the good stuff, the positive stuff and try and block out all the rest, same applies to making friends and keeping friends, thanks j

That is so AWESOME!!! I’d love to live in a Lego house.

Thanks for sharing!



My very favorite is “Toy Stories” by James May…

He entered the Chelse Flower Show making a play dough garden…

This whole fake garden is made of play dough. It’s amazing.

Take time to play in your day.


thats awesome, i remember him doing that on tv and trying to arrange everything without a clue how to do it haha,

i’ve ordered some lego and i should be getting it in about an hour lol (sweeps getting me it) haha, i cant wait haha, havent played with lego for ages haha, omg haha i cant wait.

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I like lego… But not like the kid sis. I’m more of a tinker toy and play dough and clay person. I love clay. I have spent too many hours playing with clay.

Thats probably why the James May play dough episode is one of my favorites. To enter the most high profile garden show in all of England with a fake play dough garden that was made by school kids and veterans and seniors and all walks of life,

That was the coolest thing I’ve seen on-line in a long time. I down loaded it and I do watch it a lot.

To add… I’ve always “said” I am going to take another decent pottery class sometime in this life and NOT give up and run away. Maybe durning summer when I’m not in school would be a good time to look into this.


I’ve never had a problem shopping for toys anywhere!
As soon as I see toys my eyes light up and some just have to come home with me.
To be fair, we were pretty poor as kids, but you wouldn’t know it because each one of us had our own set of legos which I still have today. I’ve also been to the legoland in Denmark, and Southern California.
I couldn’t live without my toys.


wow this Lego is pretty hard to put together, i have made a start on the cop car and the railway bridge is finished, it is a lot of fun and i was watching Game of Thrones at the same time ‘sweep bought the box set’ and it was easier watching it with her than anybody else. the Lego is going to be amazing to play with when it is finished tho.