I have phases where

I get really really into something. Right now I’m obsessed with getting a cricut machine.

But I know a few weeks later I’ll drop this hobby without giving it a chance.

It’s as really expensive hobby too. And this isn’t the first time this has happened. I’ve decided not to buy the machine no matter how much I want it. I can’t keep buying into and dropping expensive hobbies like this.


@ish do you have a local makers/hobby club? A lot of communities have them. Basically, they have a bunch of stuff for starting new hobbies. The different members donate their old stuff when they lose interest, and pick up new stuff for their new hobby. Lots of people rotate through hobbies like that, and it is much cheaper than buying all new stuff for every new interest.


Here is a link to makerspaces in the UK


Maybe try buying some books?

Because then you can just read them a year later if you give up now.


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Wow I never heard of this before thank you.


I pick up books and drop them too. It gets very frustrating I have so many unfurnished books. But I guess at least I read half.

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I think this might be for younger people but I’ll find out.

I need one too when i am creative - and motivated. And enjoy being creative.

But I’m not. I want one so bad in theory.


My mental health got a lot better when I stopped viewing my tendency to jump between hobbies as a character flaw. Hobbies are supposed to be fun. The purpose should be that they help you unwind, recharge your batteries, satisfy the human thirst for learning, and keep you grounded in the world. Learning a little bit about lots of new things is how you stay engaged and happy in the world. Abandoning hobbies that no longer interest you isn’t a bad thing. It means you are good at recognizing the type of mental/emotional stimulation you need and seek it out.

There is this weird mindset that if you don’t stick with a hobby it means you are undisciplined. But discipline is not the point of a hobby. Some people enjoy sticking with one thing for years. Some people turn those into careers. Some people like learning lots of new things about different subjects. One is not better than the other. Trying to force your leisure time to look the way someone else thinks it should is not doing you any favors.


I don’t think a lot of hobbies is a bad thing either. Except when I’ve invested £300 on it only to throw everything away. I like your idea though. I can try different one off classes too.


You know what I really want to try?

A still life drawing class… You know where they draw or paint naked person in middle of the circle.

Would be so fun.

Maybe an idea for you too as I know you like art too.

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I do. Maybe when I’m in the mindset id go for a class :slightly_smiling_face: you really good at art … I think you’ll enjoy classes too.

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Thanks. I think you are too… I know you’re a starter but I definitely see potential.

Improving at art is something that took me a very very very long time lol

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You thinking of the cricut too? The maker is expensive. I was thinking of the cricut joy :slightly_smiling_face: looks less intimidating.

Yes, I want it to make things like tshirts, add design to everyday things, make stickers.

It is such a great tool.

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You have that eye for detail I don’t think I have for art. I love crafts to art to be honest for me …

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Yes it looks pretty nifty. If I end up getting it , I’ll wait it out until next year to see if I still want it at that point.

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