Anyone else get bored sometimes?

I dont watch tv so i spend a lot of time just doing nothing, i have games but i dont play :frowning: i really need someone to keep me going

I get bored too, but think its the medication because I am slightly less bored since it was lowered

Yes I get board and at times I dont have alot to do. So.etimes it’s a good idea. I need to relax because of my condition. What about one of those hobbies you were thinking of taking up like jewlery making?

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Did you get voices, were they smart and intelligent? What’s your condition?

i cant explain it very well, i was delusional and paranoid and other things, voices were not too bad but would have got worse if not for meds.

i’m doing ok but i avoid tv, i’m a bit boring sometimes :frowning: maybe its just my age 37

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Its paranoid schiz. I dont normally get voices but I feel kinda run down. No energy and motivation to do anything just have bad negative symptoms.


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