I feel weird shopping with my parents at 31y.o

You are overthinking things. It’s not weird to shop with parents. Alot of people do it. Sometimes I ask my mom, sister or cousin about clothes, if they fit or look good on me.

I think the real issue is something else. When I see couples or families I start to think about my life. My loss, time wasted, not being able to date etc. But perhaps I’m just projecting things?


I shop with my mother.
Alone I wouldn’t make it.
I know how it sounds.

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I have had that same feeling too when I’ve been out walking with my Mum.
Is there anyway you could move out to supported accommodation? You might prefer it. Might have more incentive to get up too.

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I noticed that all the replies are heart warm. When we become grown ups, our parents have been too old. Also, we can take a walk with parents. Last month, my family and my adopted sister’s family and my parents celebrate my mom’s birthday in a restaurant and we have a good time together.

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