Visited my mom today...feel a lot better

I had had an argument with my mom when I had asked her for money and so I went over there to apologize in person. She said she wasn’t even hurt or mad and that she loves me no matter what. I feel better. My mom is still grieving over my step dad passing away and I had no business asking her for money in the first place. After all, I may be on disability but I am 54 and it’s time I stood on my own even though my bills leave me very little money to live on. She mentioned that I was noticeably thinner. we haven’t had a lot to eat as far as groceries in the house and have been eating canned food for the last couple weeks. I feel so down when I walk down the produce aisle at the grocery store. I love fresh produce.


I know you can work a few hours a week on disability. Helpful to get cash in each week. Especially if your disability is paid once a month which is very hard to budget for. Would help with self esteem as well as extra cash also helpful to find where your problem areas are with your illness.

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You shouldn’t be ashamed asking for food.It’s basic human need.Lot of people can’t afford even internet in some countries.Be peaceful.

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@jukebox Does your city have any public gardening space where you can volunteer some hours per week in the garden and then take home some produce? I’ve heard some cities have this.

Another option might be to go to the local farmer’s market right before the market ends for the day. Some vendors will sell their remaining produce at significantly discounted prices then.

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there is not anything like that in my town…it’s a very small town…good idea though…