I feel very alone. :(

I have no one to talk too because my mom wouldn’t understand I think i’m going to start seeing a therapist. if something were to happen to my mom i would have NOBODY. It makes sad and scared for the future.

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You’re not alone. We’re all here with you!

I know the holidays can be rough with family, but don’t let it get to you. Enjoy the precious moments with your mom.

And I think talking to a therapist would be a great idea. You can talk to your therapist about things that family doesn’t really understand. I think you’ll find it very therapeutic to get all of that out and sort through it.

So maybe that would be a great goal for the new year!

Sending prayers and positive energy!



Thank you Anthony. I’m going to call tomorrow. :slight_smile: It just made me really down. i’m actually crying quietly while i type this. I think i do need to talk to somebody.

I am so sorry they are treating you this way. I do agree with Radmedthec,
getting to talk to a third party and get some new ideas is always helpful.

Also, (and I know we are often accused of lack of insight,) sometimes it is THEM. I know it’s hard to ignore and I know they are making you upset… That might be what they are trying to do.

I have a brother who has been really acting up. He’s been really negative and angry and likes to sneak in little digs and do little things that make me doubt myself.

For years I took this so very personally. I thought if I was a better person then he and I would get along. As I recovered, I made a lot more effort. But I’ve been told by other family members that he’s jealous of the attention that I get from our parents and he blames me specifically for the fact that he and the kid sis don’t really get along. He doesn’t see any of his actions as contributing to the lack of friendship. (It has nothing to with his actions of treating her like a dummy or calling her a princess brat, or makes a date with her and then stands her up because he’s very busy at work with a “successful” job)

When I was able to talk to my therapist and get a new point of view and some ideas how to buffer myself against him and how to just work around him and not let him get to me… It’s been a lot easier for me. Plus not taking the bate has really opened my parents eyes that it’s NOT always me.

His gift to our house has really upset a lot of the family… Half a case of Irish Whiskey… Yeah… My kid sis is really sad about this one. She says it’s a huge call out for attention because even negative attention is still attention. She says that giving a recovering alcoholic and an under age teen this gift is a huge cry out for help.

The need for attention might be what is motivating your sister who is being a no fun nancy. It’s hard and heart breaking, but enjoy your time with your Mom and if you can, ignore your sis. As far as the job? We find our own happiness in all manner of employment. It’s not always about monetary gain. I know a few people who work a two jobs for 10 an hour but they are So happy with what they do, it doesn’t matter to them.

I’m rooting for you. Good luck and sending some good thoughts.


Thanks James. I think he is jealous of your relationship with your sister and maybe your parents it sounds like that.

thanks for your comments everyone.

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seeing a therapist is essential for us, i think. But I know what it’s like to have trouble with family, my sister has bipolar disorder and is unmedicated, she wont take a mood stabilizer. She is constantly hypomanic and making fun of me or just down right insulting me, thinking it’s funny to make fun of someone with schizophrenia. She thinks I just want attention, she is very ignorant and has no idea what schizophrenia is like. Maybe get them to watch this!

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That would suck mortimermous . She’s just trying to get at you and bother you.

people can be cruel but we have to rise above their ignorance and sharp tongues.
hold your ground, be strong, and know that i care.
take care


That’s their decision to be hurtful not yours. It’s very hard not to get upset when you see that some family is acting worse then perfect strangers. But it is what it is. You’re keeping the line of communication open. They are the ones making the hurtful remarks. It’s sad that hurting you is the only way they can feel good about themselves in the situation.

Thanks so much everyone for commenting. i texted my sister and we worked it out. so for right now i’m feeling better. :slight_smile: :))

but i VERY MUCH appreciate all your comments and advice on Christmas Day. :slight_smile: I have no schizo friends but i definitely want to make some in the future and it’s due to the great support i’ve found on here.

I’m thinking of joining a therapy group this coming summer. :slight_smile:


I think a therapy group would be good for me. I take summers off in because I need to clear my mind between semesters (they drain me, but I made all A’s). I have been dying to meet other schizophrenics in person. Just to meet someone and already know so much about what their life is like, it would be a very interesting experience and I would probably make new friends. My friends now are mostly dropouts, to be honest, who are going to the college in our hometown because they flunked out somewhere else. I on the other hand stayed in my hometown because my parents knew something was wrong with me, and it’s free for me because I have scholarships. I could have paid about half price to go to UTK but my parents were insistent on me living at home, at the time i reeked of “psychological issues” which they didnt know was prodromal schizophrenia at the time.

But yeah all my friends talk about drugs and do drugs and drink. My best buddy here is a narcissistic programmer who doesnt apply himself to school but is very bright and has a paid internship for a major company. He is also always on something, either uppers or drunk. He doesnt always make the best company.

Last night he came over late to chat but just ended up talking about his favorite psychedelic drugs for an hour to a medicated schizophrenic. LOL