I feel so lonely for love

Yeah, this grief is making it hard that way, even but I think I really mean it this time. Although, the last thing I want to do today is go to the mall and see what prospects are there. At least people are still supporting me so that’s a good thing. Once I feel better it would be nice to meet someone in the community, instead of a lot of the tramps you still see on Facebook. That’s one reason I deleted it. Just need to find hope, especially in myself. :cry: :disappointed_relieved: :sob:


Ive never used Facebook.

Why do you call them tramps?

Because a lot of them just want to offer their bodies for sex, really. A good deal of them, anyway. I think because I’m highly sensitive, casual sex would feel so empty for me.

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I see.

15 chara

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The guys are like that too on dating sites. I have a friend who is looking for love and she encounters the same thing all the time. I’m sorry you’re lonely. Do you have friends at least?

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Yes, I do, @ZmaGal. I know what you mean about dating sites, although one experience I had on one site was kind of different. It seemed like as soon as I created my account, the amount of chat requests I got was unbelievable. I think it was a legit site, too. I really want to be done with looking for love online, and even if I have to choose someone significantly younger. Now might not be the best time. though.

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Well it’s good you’re not accepting just anyone out of loneliness. What do you mean by a lot younger? Do you have someone in mind? How old are you? How old might you look for?

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To be honest, I’m 42 and no I don’t really look it. In response to how young I might go for, I’d say I wouldn’t go for any younger than their mid-20s. There are a few women from my past that have kind of re entered my life in the last several years, but I don’t want anyone from my past. So no, I don’t have anyone in mind. Even though I value looks and intelligence very highly, I also know that she would have to have a heart of gold to boot.

Not gonna lie, facebook has become pretty trashy, at least in my area. I try to not go on because of it, it kinda depresses me to see people airing out personal problems like infidelity and stuff.

There is love out there though, true love. Youll find it one day :slight_smile:

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Yeah, @zwolfgang, I sure hope I can before I get to find it before I lose my youthful good looks. I’ve been looking back on where I’ve been with women in the past and I’ve been selling myself short. I simply am not as much like that, now.

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