I feel so hated in the real world

it hurts my feelings even though I’ve gone through this feeling most of my life. I never learned how to handle it. I always asked myself why? I no longer blame me for it.

anybody else?


Hi Judy - I certainly have my good days and like yesterday, my bad days. Many times I feel frustrated and overwhelmed - not being able to get close to others like I should. I see other non SZ people - talking to others/socializing freely, and I have a difficult time just greeting others, especially non family members or strangers. I am working on my frustrations and yes sometimes I feel resentment or feel bitter - this is natural I guess. Maybe talking it through with a therapist could be helpful? Just try not to isolate or carry the weight of the world on your shoulders - take things slow and take things one step at a time. I have to remind myself of this every single day- Hope you feel better soon Judy


I can pass for normal so I will hate them back.

When I am among the public, I don’t feel hated or ignored but feel isolated because of my illness and its debilitating effects. I feel that I am different from the normal people in terms of the ability of communicating and accomplishing things. I feel that I am unable to build connections with these normal people because the speed of my thinking and talking is much slower than their. Talking with the normal people makes me tired and stressed…So I usually retreat back to my own world.

dear Judy, please don’t think you’re hated? why on earth would someone hate you? You are a wonderful person. I believe it and know it from your wonderful posts…I hope you buy some flowers for yourself soon.

Dear Judy,

It is not very much fun to feel hated. If it is any consolation, I imagine that you are not more hated than the rest of us.

I have learned the difference between a thought and a feeling. One of my core feelings is that I am unloved and unlovable. Because I feel that way, it becomes reasonable to me even though there is a lot of evidence to the contrary.

Realistically, there are stinkers out in the world. But some of them that hate me, hate me without a reason, and that makes it all so much about them and not about me. And I wish well for everyone, even the stinkers and the haters!

I’m sorry you find life so hard; I find it hard a lot, too.


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thanks for all your wonderful posts to me. it just hurts so much and you made me feel better about it.

thanks again



I agree. There are some people out there who hate everybody indiscriminately. So don’t take it personally.

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thanks nick and jayster. why are we hated so much? I am convinced it is real even though the therapists argue it isn’t. I feel like they’re patronizing me on this one.