I feel so hated

is it my sz is it stigma and prejudice is it my social inabilities? I feel like everyone but my daughter hates me.

it’s a very hurtful feeling.

oh, I just recalled now, my siblings give me lots of love too.

and my mom sometimes.

I don’t have friends but I have some acquaintances.

so maybe it isn’t so bad after all.

but it is.



I feel like this all the time Judy. I do think it is illness related.

it is very hurtful isn’t it? thanks for your reply. I also think it is from my sz all the way around internally – my feelings, and externally – my inability to relate…

but gosh darn it hurts and hurts me.


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It does hurt. I constantly feel like everyone is against me. Including the members of the forum, we just have to remember that it isn’t true.

I do not have many friends either but I know many people, sometimes I feel that it does not matter how these people feel, personally I do not feel much love or hate either, that’s just the life.

interesting, mjseu. I do love and try not to hate but it sometimes feels like it is the road to more pain. judy

I have felt like this in the past
But you have to accept and love yourself and know that you are ok and although u might not be everyone’s cup of tea it really doesn’t matter


thanks shelly. you too. love yourself. you’re a dearheart. judy

Do you think that maybe you would rather make enemies of all those seemingly offensive people because it is easier to maintain that kind of relationship then trying to make them your friends?

The feelings you describe can often be constructions of your own mind. I imagine that if you checked with some of the people who you think hate you, you would find that they’re wrong. I wouldn’t dwell too much on what others think about you. Things like that can change quickly. Work on liking yourself. If you do that others can’t hurt you so easily.

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It’s not you… I suffer from the same thing. It makes you fear people which in turn makes you refrain from meeting others… in turn making friends is difficult. However, it’s not us and people often like us…

You made a whole new account just for that? That’s harassment buddy.

This is Judy’s thread.

Ah, shucks, I love you.

Ok. I guess we can be friends again.

Who did? multiple accounts aren’t allowed.

If he’s schizophrenic, maybe he’s made 3 accounts…one each for me, myself and I.

(rim shot)

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i hope you are feeling better… :heart:
take care :alien:

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