Sometimes I just feel depressed

Recently I have started feeling depressed, but I have tried to lift my spirits with additional caffeine and extra nicotine gums. This seems to be working. I also listen some high energy music, but sometimes I just feel depressed, especially if I have not slept well.

i think a lot of us suffer from depression at some point, i use to not know whether i had depression or if it was the meds making me feel numb but now i know when i feel proper sad and depressed,

i hope you can get out of this lull and feel better, sometimes more caffiene and loud music is a bad mix if you are having lack of sleep though, try changing the high energy music at night to something more calming and cut back on the caffiene at night,

it might not help though so i would talk to your doc about it and take it from there, take care x

I hope you feel better soon. The rides around your town that you have pictures of are really nice. You have a great town there.

Are you getting out more? Is it warming up where you are?

My bike broke down, I took care of the problem, I have just started feeling depressed, I know I should add some positivism to my life, maybe something new. Currently it is quite cool, but the summer is coming and there is more sun.

Hey mjseu,I too am sometimes depress…when depress I just don’t wanna talk,and stay alone,but compare to last time,I am doing much better,because I used to be depress the whole 24/7,now I find some relive but of course still had once in a whole depression

Hi mjseu, hope you are feeling better. I know these days I get feeling down for no reason. I’ve been dragging myself out of bed pretty late, but tonight we went shopping at an inexpensive nice store and I found two large skull and crossbones coffee mugs and two black and white square-round rice bowls that said “happiness” and “peace” on them. Sure picked up my mood.
Hope you can find a bit of happiness too.

Personally, whenever I get depressed to turn to uplifting/inspirational upbeat music. Sometimes, I might call somebody to change my focus. I keep myself distracted so that I don’t stay depressed or angry.