Does getting more depress make you feel sleepy?

Does getting more depress made you feel more tired and sleepy in person,like your keep on yawning and dont have the mood to talk?

Depression made me tired but not sleepy, i am finally cured from depression( i hope i don’t jinx it).


congratulation mindwhisperer,depression really sucks

Yes, I sleep more when I’m depressed. One thing that helps me is planning things to look forward to. I’ve been in the dumps the last few days but decided maybe I’ll take my son to the pool this weekend and that is making me feel better.

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it sucks not feeling wanting to connect to people,how i wish all these can change,i am on abilify 5mg,mirtazapine 30mg and also sodium valproate 200mg…mirtazapine 30mg had been for 1 month and sodium valproate for 8 days

When depressed, time slows to a crawl and all movement seems in slow motion. I don’t feel like eating, talking or thinking. I can stare at the walls/ceiling for many hours, but can’t fall asleep, my mind won’t shut off, and if and when I do fall asleep, I have very long miserable dreams about life dragging on in a miserable state.
Abilify actually made me more depressed and my doctors wouldn’t believe me and let me switch to a different med, because they kept telling me it was supposed to “activate” me (their words). I was miserable for a year and a half until I switched to Geodon and it did everything the Abilify was supposed to do.


I know how you guys feel. I’m just starting to come out of a deep depression that lasted about a year. I was tired and sleepy all the time although I’m not sure if that was from the depression, negative symptoms or antipsych meds. I’ve been on Zoloft 200mg for about 4 months now and finally feeling better, not crying every day and starting to talk to people and go out into the world and do stuff.

Yes depression can make you tired, run down unmotivated, zapped from all energy. Just so you know the Depakote you are taking can make you tired as well - especially in the beginning of taking it


I have highs and lows as part of whatever my mental illness might be. I’m pretty sure that when I’m depressed, I sleep more and when I’m hypomanic I sleep less.

A few years back, I was sleeping like 13 to 17 hours a day. They finally gave me Provigil. That is great; I happily take that med.

I had about two good years after starting Provigil.

Now, since the Winter Solstice, I’ve been sleeping like 5 hours a day. So far, there don’t seem to be adverse consequences, however. I still take 400 mgs of Provigil when I wake.

I want to be a on an exercise regimen, but when I go for 30 or more hours without sleep, I ask myself seriously if exercise at that time would be beneficial or deleterious.


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I don’t want to get out of bed.

I yawn like 20-30 times a day,maybe more it’s just too bad