I feel severely mentally disabled

I am in bed all day most of the time. I am obese and gained 150lb. Some mentally disabled ppl can have a gf and even work but I can’t. I feel the same as those severely mentally disabled that stay bed all day and don’t have a life. I don’t even have the will to shower.

My parents say I live to eat and don’t eat to live.
Also that I only have a hole up there and a hole down there, no brain! The worst part is that they’re right! One of my psy blamed me for my SZ and for not doing anything other than sleeping in my life. Are they right?


I know the feeling. I used to spend all my time in bed and only get up for something to eat and never shower. But U got better. I cycle every day now and do stuff like crocheting and reading and I shower enough so there is hope.


No they’re not right.

We’re in the survival game now anyway. Lots of schizophrenics are dead. You’re doing well if you’re sane and alive in my opinion.


You say you can’t do anything, yet today you posted you helped put together a grill. Those aren’t that easy. Then you cooked on the grill, you even showed the food you said you made.


Yea but that’s rare and I really want more. I know I can’t have my preSZ life back but at least be able to shower and be independent like living on disability money in my own house. I know I won’t take care of myself without my parents, I will never bath.

I feel like a big baby stuck with my parents until I die.

Maybe you will have your pre schizophrenia life. I do only I’m older.

But you did something. Every step is a step forward.


I thought you said you were getting in the shower last night

I also shower once every two weeks its hard

Yea I showered yesterday with music, try it music helps. Now I am good for 9-10 days.

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I will shower in 9-10 days.

I don"t have cognitive or positive symptoms while on meds, only severe negative symptoms. I would rather have cognitive issues and be mentally disabled than having severe negative symptoms.

For the record, I have two mentally handicapped siblings and neither one ever excuse their disabilities. They are the hardest working people I know. They are a great example to me, whenever I start to feel sorry for myself.

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I have serious cognitive problems and would prefer negative symptoms.

Like what? You’re able to write here clearly…

If your cognitive symptoms were serious you wouldn’t even be able to use your pc or cellphone and write here. Mentally disabled ppl with serious cognitive issues can’t use a computer or a cellphone and their talk is incomprehensible.

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Fight the battle its a long road ahead to recovery. I’m down to 229 pounds and the weight gain really put me in a funk. I got a dog I play D&D I’m social I’m loved, now I just gotta get moving and fight my urges to plunk down and just be on the internet all day.

But if thats what you gotta do to be engaged day to day just get on the internet and energize your mind. Then go from there once you feel like a person. Just grow yourself from what you’ve become and try to reach back into the aspects of life you used to really love.

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I can write something, but I cannot remember or analyze what I read. It’s hard to remember even short posts on this forum

Don’t tell people their symptoms aren’t serious based on their being able to post. You don’t like it when we point out the same thing about you.


I am the same. I post something and after a couple of seconds I forget what I posted so I recheck my post.