I feel mentally disabled from sz

I feel mentally disabled, how to fix mental disability?


I feel that way too, it sucks and I’m not sure it can be fixed…

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Sometimes I think its permanent brain damage but I try to not think about that eventhough it could be true.

I seriously hope it is not permanent as well- I have had those thoughts too though. Terrifying.

sz really does mean that we’re demented and nobody has a cure for dementia. Actually, I find light physical exercise that involves the neck, shoulders and arms helpful in getting a little energy up into my head.

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Sometimes I think they are killing me with kindness where I am. If I was on the street I would be able to lose weight. I’ve been out there a few times for a period of a few months. With the food stamps I’m getting a lot of my problems would be solved. I can’t make it without my med’s, though. Every time I’ve gotten off my med’s I’ve messed up.


I think about doing that sometimes but thats like giving up.

nothing is permanent

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To me, it is not so much giving up as trying something different. The med’s drain me of so much physical strength that it is hard for me not to resent them. But every time I have gotten off my med’s it has been a disaster.


It’s a slow death in comfortness. At least if you are not a homeless sz.


I feel mentally disabled too. All three of my siblings, my three eldest nieces and my nephew are working and being independent and here I am - 36 and unemployed and without money or licence. I depend on my family to help me out.

I’m going to try get a job that I could do from home though - especially now that I want a divorce and need to make a living. Will probably have to stay in group home though. And need disability pension to help out.

I’ve tried so many times in my life to make success but failed over and over…

University? Couldn’t get to it due to sza

Licence? Tried but failed six times.

Nun? Tried but failed five times

Religion? Getting more and more lax in it

Job? One casual job that lasted two months before I gave up

Marriage? Heading for divorce

Hospital? Ten times

Sza is a thief - it steals motivation, it sucks it out of a person. I’m one big mess.


Yea I feel comfortable staying in my bed 90% of my time but I am slowly dying and my dreams are dead since I got sz. Maybe early death from obesity too.

My cognitive abilities have definitely been hampered by my illness. Trying to find ways to restore them. There’s really no limit to what I’ll try at this point (that’s within my means). I miss the way I used to be.

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Does this thinking help you go towards what matters to you ? If not why do you think about it

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I guess I just feel depressed sometimes. Now I don’t think about that. I don’t always post negative posts.

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I try to think I’m not but when it really comes down to it my brain isn’t the same anymore. I got confused cooking the other night and poured water from one pot to another like 3 times. My attention span is shot. I can’t make it through a 30 min show on Netflix.

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I am disabled too… But its not permanent. Once you feel better, you’ll gain in mental capacities again… All my ill friends said, that at their worst, they couldnt understand nothing or were doing few… But some of them got better, so its possible. Once in shape, you regain in faculties again. We still will be more fragile but dont believe its permanent, nope… The sz is precisely this but meds and efforts help to beat it and regain a quality in life.

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My doctors told me the disability is permanent. I’ll get a bit better maybe but it’ll go up and down. I used to have to go to healthcare for checkup regularly but now they noted me in the system that i’m permanently disabled and don’t need to invite me every year anymore.

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A pdoc I interact with on Twitter has said that mine is a non global impairment . I definitely don’t function as well as an average age and intelligence matched person from the general public.

I asked on Quora as to what these could indicate.

and got told -

Actually the numbers indicate someone who is a candidate for a sheltered home environment.

Such an individual would be unable to compete with peers and if in adolescence would need protection from bullies.

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its ok to think negatively. just dont listen to you thoughts…
like listen to them like to the radio in a background

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