Finally shower

Ok guys, today in the morning, I took a shower.
I feel so great. Relaxed. :slight_smile:


Taking a shower, preparing a meal, shopping, doing chores, errands, having a job, etc. may be a struggle for a schizophrenic.
Normies don’t understand

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Examples of psychomotor retardation include the following:

  • Unaccountable difficulty in carrying out what are usually considered “automatic” or “mundane” self-care tasks for healthy people (i.e., without depressive illness) such as taking a shower, dressing, self-grooming, cooking, brushing one’s teeth and exercising.
  • Physical difficulty performing activities which normally would require little thought or effort such as walking up a flight of stairs, getting out of bed, preparing meals and clearing dishes from the table, household chores or returning phone calls.
  • Tasks requiring mobility suddenly (or gradually) and inexplicably seem to be “impossible”. Activities such as shopping, getting groceries, caring for the daily needs of one’s children and meeting the demands of employment or school are commonly affected.
  • Activities usually requiring little mental effort can become challenging. Balancing one’s checkbook, making a shopping list or making decisions about mundane tasks (such as deciding what errands need to be done) are often difficult.

In schizophrenia, activity level may vary from psychomotor retardation to agitation; the patient will experience periods of listlessness and may be unresponsive, and at the next moment be active and energetic

I have reduction of actions and speech.
Psychomotor retardation happens in both severe depression and schizophrenia

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Why do they call me lazy? Little they know about my struggles

Awesome, dude! It does feel amazing! Do you think you can share some tips on how you did it? lately not even coffee makes me want to do things, I haven’t showered in 3 days. Anyway I’m glad you did some self care.

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I was really smelling bad, so I had to.
I procrastinated for a week

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Ohhh I see, I can sympathize with you man. Procrastination is my middle name!

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