I feel rotten for being in a relationship with the devil

I know this sounds delusional, but I really think it’s not. Everyone’s advice to not be with him goes over my head. I feel so rotten and horrible. I feel like he killed my family and replaced them with clones.

If he was the devil everyone would have known him. No one knows who he is. Also does he look like a devil with a tail etc?

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No he doesn’t look like the devil. Why would everyone had known him? What makes you say that?

I used to think the devil wanted me to do things and if I didn’t do them, he’d punish the people in my life. I no longer think that thank God!

The devil is not in a relationship with you. You’re safe. You really are.

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So he’s not the devil. I wont get into religion but everyone knows that in lots of religions there is a devil, evil and good.

Your bf isn’t the devil… I think you should maybe end things with this guy. I don’t think he is good for your mental state. We can all give you advice and try to let you see that these things are delusions and that, that guy isn’t good for you, but you have to want to get better for yourself and work towards stability for you.

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Sorry to hear that you are so attached to someone who you believe is the devil.

He’s not, BTW.

I feel like he killed my family.

That’s really messed up and not true

Sorry to hear you feel like that.

Please consider cutting him out of your life.

I know it’s hard but it could help you in the long run.

Does he still tell you any delusional things

No he doesn’t tell me delusional things anymore. He said it was fake him telling me he was a fallen angel.

Oh that’s great,

Why was he saying that in the first place. Was he just having a laugh.

Maybe he didn’t realise how badly it would affect you

I didn’t ask him why. Maybe he didn’t realize how badly it would affect me. I realize that capgras is common in psychotic illness, so maybe that’s what I have… I still feel guilty for staying alive not knowing whether they’ll turn me into the dictator. Should I feel guilty? I feel like I faked psychosis too but some parts I didn’t fake like later on though so I feel confused with what’s going on.

Yea I think you’re right it’s a common delusion to get. Don’t feel guilty it’s in our nature to want to stay alive. I don’t really understand how you faked it? Maybe you didn’t even fake it but you are just over concerned?

Yeah but if they turn me into the dictator, shouldn’t I be morally killing myself?

No because that’s not going to happen you’re not going to be a dictator :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think a part of you does consider that this delusion may not be true which is really good start

I think I think it might be a delusion, but the part of me that isn’t sure feels guilty for being alive. I just don’t know what to do sometimes.

Yea that must be hard.

Just know that we are happy that you are not killing yourself.

Because we know it’s a delusion

Ok thanks for your help. I talked to the nurse at the nursing home and she told me it was pretty much impossible for what I think happened to my family.


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