I'm listening to my family

And slowly getting over thinking my boyfriend is the devil.


It was a delusion.
Are you out of it?

Something that helped me out I noticed was having a parent look you in the eyes and tell [you], it’s not real. I told my mom this, that it was helping, and so we did it twice. Hope you find this helpful too.

How do you know it was a delusion?

Good for you.
Those delusions can be tricky to combat and work through.

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Cos it sounds like a delusion.
There’s no devil etc.

Did you think that he was literally the devil, or is that an analogy?

If the latter, what is bad about this boyfriend?

I thought my father was a reincarnation of Stalin; this seems unlikely, but he isn’t a very good person, so I think there is a reason that he was placed as Stalin by my mind.

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