I feel regret

i feel regret because of mistakes i have done in the past and i did so due to my schizophrenia illness and i didnt have insight back then that i am sick. and now after i get medicated i have insight that i am schizoohrenic and when i remember the actions i have done in my life i feel sad and deep regret.


I think it’s normal to feel regrets for past failures, but I like to remind myself " it’s not what I did,but what I’m doing now that counts "


I have regrets too. But I can’t blame everything on schizophrenia, it was just bad decision making.

Nothing we can do about the past though. Hopefully we’ve learned from our mistakes.


I also have some regrets surrounding how I behaved while unmedicated.

But I think the main takeaway here is that neither you nor I, or most people who experience psychosis, have insight into their actions, behaviors, or words while in an acute episode.

At some point, we have to stop feeling guilty and start accepting that we behaved illogically— sometimes to the detriment of relationships, career opportunities, and other avenues— and learn to forgive ourselves and move on.

Best of luck to you :dizzy:


as a schizoohrenic i suffer from decline in cognitive function and its part of the disease so i was unable to take right decisions in the past.but now after the right treatments and medications my cognitive have moderate improvement. but i am not like normal people though.


My dad always used to say “regret is a useless emotion”. I know that doesn’t make it go away. Just try to focus on improving in the future. It’s all you can do.


I tied my besenji in the back yard with food and water in the back yard because I thought he was a demon…didn’t get to see him again until he was rehomed while I was in the ward…horrible horrible…I wasn’t in my right mind, so I have that…but I still cry at night when I think about it…regret doesn’t really go away but it’s best just to divert your attention to something else when it happens…sorry, not much help.

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Same. Also, that’s all in the past and I’m starting over in a new 24 hours. I don’t need to bring the previous day’s problems into the day I’m in now.


I felt the same way. You need to acknowledge your falts or look beyond them, if you can.

I felt so relieved when I found out i had this unfortunate condition because i wasnt to blame.

It felt so good to know that i tried so hard to contain it for as long as I did.

I hope you pull through.

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