I feel my brain in my head wow. i think depakote helps against this but how?

yeah, since ive upped my Depakote a little bit i feel less my brain in my head. yes, i had this strange symptoms. it was quite paifull, paranoid and tiring… but why Zyprexa didn’t work on this but its my Depakote which helps it? maybe i am schizoaffective? i still ask myself what is to be normal again, are there some norms outside or if there are not in my case ( i find to have more blocages than something else), what is the normal thinking? but maybe its all up to discover now :slight_smile: i am less irritable and angry which is quite good wow :slight_smile:
i had it in the past the diagnosis of schizoaffective but maybe there are still paranoid schizophrenics with mood problems isn’t it?
take care people :wink:

I have Bipolar Disorder and take Depakote for my Rapid Mood Cycles, but Depakote is not only for mania or depression.

Depakote also helps with Anxiety, irritability and anger, it can also help in other mental illnesses other than mood disorders.

Depakote can help antipsychotics work better in schizophrenia @Anna1.

I am glad that you are doing better with the Depakote @Anna1.