Who here takes Depakote?

Need some feedback. Might go on it soon

Hi. I’ve been on Depakote for about 8 years now. I hope I can help.

Do you feel dumber on it?

I can’t tell if it’s the Depakote or the ap I’m on (Invega) but yes, it’s harder for me to concentrate and it slowed me down. Especially at the onset. It helped my bipolar so much that I didn’t care. I felt so good and didn’t have much of the ups and downs anymore. The bad symptoms I got passed in about a half a year. I’m pretty sure what I’m experiencing now is from my new dose increase of Invega

Do your mind used to jump from “branch ot branch”? If thats true did Depakote helped with that? Or it was the ap’s

For me Depakote slowed my racing thoughts. I couldn’t let any problem go. Any obstacle in my life I couldn’t let go of for anything. I don’t remember if my mind was jumping from “branch to branch”. I was pretty messed up at that point in my life. All I know is Depakote slowed everything down for me and really helped me a lot.

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I need to try it out

I’m on 1000 mg Depakote each day. It used to be 1250 but he cut it down because of the side effect I get, which is heartburn, real bad heartburn. It’s not as bad at 1000 but I still get heartburn on this medicine. It’s the only side effect I suffer from with regards to Depakote. I guess it works for the mood part of my sza.

@anon92220549 for me it slowed everything down, both good and bad, but that was 16 years ago

I’ve been on Depakote for years.
It’s the only effective mood stabilizer for me.
It keeps me out of the hospital.

I’m currently on 1500mg.

It does slow things down considerably.

Well dang I wish it slowed things down for me, I never notice a difference when I take it.

I was on 3000ish mg when I took it. I hated it. Helped with anxiety though. Luckily, I got off.

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