Why a mood stabilizer calms my paranoia more than the ap?

i am on Depakote and i am much calmer. the Zyprexa didn’t do a lot for my paranoia… why my Depakote works more on my fears than anything else? does it means that my fears are depressive ones or manic once? it also calms my anger so i feel like a better person wow :slight_smile:


that’s a great news for us…1!!!:+1::eyes:
take care…!!!:om_symbol:

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yes, the feeling of guilt is less for me now wow :slight_smile: but i still cant think well a lot, its all too autisctic un my head but maybe i need time :confused: .

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Depakote is an Anticonvulasant it was designed to “calm” the brain down.

A lot of psychiatrists won’t admit to it, but a lot of the Antipsychotics worsen anxiety and paranoid symptoms - this is the case for me personally.

A lot of the Antipsychotics trigger Agitation and Akathisia - but if you suffer from a lot of chronic Hallucinations like hearing constant voices, Antipsychotics can be life savers.

These days Antipsychotics are over prescribed given to those suffering from depression or anxiety only.
In my opinion this is a bad idea.


i dont have hallucinations wave. i just have a lot of fears, some of them are some mystical fears. for exemple, i amafraid of toher mentally ill people. i have my dose of their delusions, i dont know why i am like that. i was feeling guilty, a lot to be like this :confused: . but i need my Zyprexa i guess in order to have some energy in the day. and i hope that the Depakote now will make all the difference yeah. can it lift my mood also? i also cant think properly but maybe i need to be patient… there is no med on the market i guess who will bring my thoughts isn’t it? the worse for me in this illness were my fears…

I don’t know what your current diagnosis is but maybe you can get a second opinion or try out therapy.

Just don’t give up hope.

I have a lot of fears as well.
Medications can help manage your fears but therapy can also be quite helpful.

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one pdoc was sure that i am borderline and not schizophrenic. but i made some hospitals and here in my country, once you are in a hospital you easy get the diagnosis of schizophrenia. i was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia with mostly negative symptoms. once i got the diagnosis of schizoaffective… i am tired to see pdocs to be honest…

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Well if you have Borderline, DBT therapy can really help.

It’s a trial and error. I’m glad you’re finding something that’s finally working Anna. :sunny:

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This is great news Anna! Congratulations!

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it also clarifies my head the Depakote. i was living quite a lot in my head, with all my stupid thoughts. but i still dont know what to think about reality… are there limits to it? i guess yes but i dont feel sane still. maybe its the key, to feel sane and less derealisated. for the moment, the Depakote works quite well for me. and yes wave, 2 hours after taking my Zyprexa i become quite anguished. so i am not astonished by their anxiogenic effect. but i should continue my Zyprexa cause it gives me energy in the day. enev thought it doesn’t calm me down…

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Hang in there @Anna1 I’m glad that the Depakote is working for you.
It’s a great medication.

ok thank you very much wave. on the other side of my illness or the meds is that my head can become a way too ‘‘clarified’’. its a scary condition also… do you see what i mean?

Just take things slow @Anna1 you can work with your doctor and see which medications work for you the best.
Sometimes it takes a while but you have already found Depakote which works for you.

There are a lot of different meds out there, I am sure that you will find other meds that can help you too.