Do you feel it's permanent disability?

I claim it often

I’m 47

Still sick


Will be 50 in a few weeks. Mellowed a bit over the years, but expect this to be “it” for me. Waiting for a cure, hoping for “recovery” is for the young. Learning to deal with/live with the way I am is my goal.


Mine are mostly olfactory this year

I feel I’ve recovered to an acceptable level, my bones and muscles ache pretty bad from the AP’s. And I have little desire for social interaction, have settled for my life as it is and put away some of my dreams as chasing them us stressful to me. I used to enjoy being physically fit but because of the side effects I just strive to be an average weight. I’ve decided I will always be on my meds. Despite the sz I feel I live a normal life as even the norms have issues to deal with and fight making good life choices.

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Physically working out could have little
To do with our weight

But I still do it
To feel better mentally

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I really miss working out it made me feel so much better. My weight is not to far off but I have to watch what I eat, seems like the AP’s make me crave sweets. And inevitably I have to lay off the sweets or my weight gets out of control. Finally just gave up sweets and it seems to work on stopping the cravings. So it was a good thing for me. But I don’t think I will ever be able to work out again, might try a low impact work out like the elliptical but just gotta get motivated.

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I think it depends on the individual cases. You probably would have a difficult time arguing that Elyn Saks has a permanent disability but someone who doesn’t respond to any of the meds would be another story. Although we have the same disorder our stories are not the same.

What are you saying

There’s mild
And high functioning

100% permanent disability. They would have to somehow create future meds that help cognitive deficits. Can’t “cure” SZ, until this happens (if it ever does happen).

If I take a bullet to the head seems like the only cure

I’ve been declared “incapacitated”. I don’t know what the chances are of me getting that changed. I can’t register to vote, so I think they regard me as a lost cause.

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Back in the last century vocational rehabilitation at the V.A. told me I was unrehabilitatatble. Also in the last century the V.A. listed me as permanent disabled.
I see no reason argue with them.

thanks for the replies.

I don’t believe I was born disabled like many permanent disabilities are,
so even though I claim it for assistance,

I have hopes of getting back to some of my better years.

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it’s interesting in the news

talking about Obamacare

they will say Are we going to cover pre-existing conditions?

that includes my daughter’s disability with cystic fibrosis.

Some things are called disabled, others are not.
But I guess also it depends upon if you get a check or services I guess,
which she does not.

Permanent no, as none of this is permanent.

A disability, no, i’m getting murdered here.

So, it’s more of a temporal getting murdered kind of thing, not a permanent disability.

For some reason you made me think of the show

Murder she wrote

Smile pans
I know the feeling

I think schizophrenia is a life style. The schizophrenic life makes it impossible to deal with this Earthly world without medication, and I’m happy to take medication, and need it. Though a part of me says that the psychotic experience has some value and truth. I experience telepathic spirits during my breakdowns, and I think that they’re real. Yet I can’t cope with them, though ideally - in another world - a different planet - my hallucinations would just be part of a normal day’s experiences. Is schizophrenia a permanent disability - I’m quite sure that I will be schizophrenic my entire life, but is it a disability!

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I say often

It’s more

Just who I am

I think other diseases stored in the body aggravates mental illness and your immune system either corrects it or struggles with it in the long term


In the gut?

Some think that