I feel left out many times


Walking into a store, seeing families together, talking laughing together. Being at a family gathering, seeing all my cousins with their spouses and kids together. Conversations going over my head, me walking around trying to make some kind of meaningful conversation, but I usually have nothing interesting to offer. I really feel left behind, not involved socially - forgotten :neutral_face: Does anyone else feel this way?



Yes. I feel like an invisible ghost. :ghost:



I always feel that way with extended family. It pisses me off. As regards friends, I have none, the last time I had a friend was 8 years ago. Anyway, all I do now for some sort of social interaction is I go to a mental health club. These are good places for us mentally ill folk. You can just drop in for a coffee, or you can participate in classes such as art, drama, creative writing.

These mental health clubs are in all cities and alot of towns. Check it out. Ask at the local psych hospital or ask your shrink.

I hope this helps.



Yes a ghost - I can relate Baked Beans



I will be checking out a support group soon, once I get the courage, thanks karl



I used to feel like that. I sometimes dont have all that much to say because my family is upper class and talks pretentiously, often about religion and politics (Ugh, gross) but I had a fun time downing pitchers of beer at a bowling alley with my cousins afterwards. We talked about the college life and crazy ■■■■ we’ve seen.



no i don’t feel like that anymore. i used to when my meds were too high. i felt like i had to think in advance of everything i wanted to say. maybe ur meds need adjusting?



Although everything I experience is true, Ive been feeling a bit down today, I think I am feeling sorry for myself because of my depressed day. Everything gets magnified when you are feeling down :cry:

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Awww hope u feel better soon hunni. Hugs. Xxx

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I feel included in family gatherings. I don’t talk much, so I just sit there in the group. Other people in my family want more attention than me and so It works out fine if I don’t talk as much as anyone else. I don’t need a lot of attention. If I have something to say, I find a good moment to say it.

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I used to feel that way about people, relatives, cousins with their familiy -, though I never really wanted that for myself. I felt like - that’s what people do and I wasn’t. Felt left behind. Now that everyone’s to the grandparent age it doesn’t bother me much.



Heya Wave, nice topic. I feel that way too. Its just a delusion that we think we should have something to offer or lack of content to bring into conversation. Just do a physical greeting, the talk isn’t as important.



i am like that but it does not bother me, to be honest my mind goes so fast ordinary peoples’ conversations put me to sleep…
take care



If you feel you need more to talk about then briefly scan the world news a few minutes a day. It keeps you current on what’s happening in the world. Why care about strangers in stores or public? I’m not discounting your feelings. But still, it’s the oldest mantra psychiatrists constantly tell us. Everybody is in their own world, thinking about themselves. They may or may not be really happy. You see them for a couple minutes in stores and then may never see them again. Just go about your business and if you feel the need to connect, then be polite to the cashier. Be grateful that people are smiling and laughing around you and not being mean or giving you dirty looks. We’ve all heard the cliche that some people feel lonely in a crowd. I get that way sometimes at work but in public I am happy just to take care of my goal for being out and about. And sure it’s an effort sometimes to hide the illness and fit in. But I dress and act normal and don’t attract any negative attention.

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Nick, I know what you are saying, but I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes I feel sad or sorry for myself - I missed out on a lot of things in my life because of my illness. I sometimes wish I were a non SZ with an easier or more connected life. Maybe a family of my own, good friends - all of this has vanished. I sometimes grieve my loss.
Negative symptoms and depression makes SZ/SZA a lot more difficult to deal with

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I feel sad too sometimes. I just take what I can get. I accept being miserable and depressed. I don’t enjoy it at the time. But I also accept a nice day and a good meal. I understand your losses. I get jealous when I see good-looking guys talking to women. Maybe I accept my lot in life because I never had much expectations of a good life as I was growing up. Everything is a bonus now. But I know exactly what you’re saying and feeling. I spend a lot of effort trying to be equal. I am frustrated a large part of the day. I hope you start feeling a little better.

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I feel like that all the time. I can barely carry on a conversation with anyone besides my mother.

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Thanks Nick, I don’t feel like this all of the time, it just surfaces to the top once in a while, especially when I am feeling down - Tomorrow is a new day



I tell people I feel like a ghost that everyone can see… :-/



I know exactly how you feel. I have no friends anymore and my family is pushing me out. I have trouble sustaining the most simple smalltalk.

Its gotten to the point where, sadly, i see a family, or group of friends out having a great time and loving like, it physically makes me sick. I really hate to be this type of person.