Has anyone felt..."left out"?


Egh I really don’t feel comfortable posting anything. Oh well here it goes.

Has anyone ever felt as though other people are connected on a certain level and you were the only one that didn’t understand how to connect? Hard to put an experience/visions like that one into words and sentances but that was my best effort


I feel left out sort of at college. I am forty, and most of the other students are in their teens/early twenties. I see people with their big group of friends, and I eat alone at lunch.


I feel like that in a big way. I don’t think it’s all in my head because when I stopped fighting it and just went with it I became a very reclusive person, no friends, no going out. I don’t try to fit in or be part of the group anymore. It’s hard to describe.


No, not really. I think ur only as left out as u make urself. If u join in with everybody else then u can’t b left out. The hard part is forcing urself to join in in the first place. Not everyone is going to like u but most will give u the time of day.


i have a really hard time socializing only time i feel comfortable is at home


I feel left out at home when it comes to my partner and her family. They make me feel like i don’t belong because i can’t watch what they watch or sometimes understand why they are talking about.


I feel left out even when I am in a group. I just don’t “get it”. How do I do to become an included part of the party? I can talk and laugh at some joke. But I don’t feel like I’m one of them.


i am glad you posted it takes courage to overcome our fears, good on you.
and to the question, my whole life i have felt like that, i may seem talkative on here but in reality i am a very quiet person.
take care


Me also, like darksith said. I try joining in here, but I end up not bridging the gap, and feeling alone. .And what jordi said, too I seem to be letting other people speak for me on this one - don’t know why.


@Comatose @darksith @pob @drewleo34

I can’t ever feel comfortable in a group of people. I never feel like I get ‘it’; they talk in two languages to eachother and there is some key element I am missing. (In english not two languages; languages like saying two thongs at once or everything is a metaphor for something) It’s very strange and uncomfortable and I usually end up sweating, having a smoke, and leaving


i rarely comunicate with people, even being on here the sz forum i would not have been able to do a year ago.
like you if i get caught talking to someone, i go into sweating, anxious, self doubt.
on here maybe i come across confident, but i am very ill, very shy, and i am a true recluse.
take care


You sound like me. I know how uncomfortable it is. Meds that help my anxiety help a little, but I think the social part of our brains are just messed up.


Id have to agree… I think I’m an ‘alien’ and just don’t have the built-in understanding of human socialization. I actually understand animals more than I do humans. I only feel comfortable writing on my pad even then I get confused but manage to work through it with my perception of this reality…which to some is a delusion


I always feel like I’m on the outside looking in when it comes to social connections.


Yes. I still have trouble making friends, I usually meet someone and it goes well then they just quit being friendly.

I dunno, I try. I do have some friends in town from high school but I havent made any lasting friends in college and this is my second year. I joined the anime club and went tonight, and there was this guy from my NAMI group there, but he left early. Maybe I will try to make friends with him…or maybe he left early so I wouldnt talk to him.


Yeah. I feel left out often, or more like no one tries to understand me.


Thanks guys for sharing. I’m sure we each have our own little whatever’s for why we feel left out however I do feel better knowing I’m not alone in this sz that doesn’t feel like they can connect in social situations. Gag they make my head spin and fly off into an episode. It makes me think what is ot that we are missing? Why do we see it and other so called normal people don’t see it. And @mortimermouse when I hang out with a new person they act normal and then it seems like they notice something and don’t want to be around it anymore. In my brain they’ve noticed that I’m missing that key that connects everyone and see no point in continuing the relationship and or conversation. I’ve considered going to groups but I’ve been scared. I feel like there might be people there that want to screw with me so they pretend they have a mental illness and lurk around doing things I can hardly imagine. Does the benefit outway the risk? Might post about that under that post about groups


I wonder what it is, too.


I became suicidal after driving myself crazy trying to figure out what it is. Still echoes in my mind. I called someone out on it before I decided to clam up and become a recluse. Well, things got weird, double speak was happening in a group of friends, and I pulled my best friend aside because I saw him participating in it. I knew I could trust him. Bit I had a feeling that he couldn’t tell me everything and I had to figure out the secret on my own. And being a very intense person and trying so desperately to figure out what was hidden from me I asked him what the hell was that? You guys were talking in two languages at once?! I came across as intensely pissed but I was just so frustrated at myself for not being able to understand it I couldnt stop myself from reacting out of instinct instead of a place of calm curiosity. He laughed and was like what? That’s just how people are.

I actually have proof that this exists and I don’t know if anyone else has had proof like this but it makes things all too real to just shake off as ‘being just a delusion or hallucination’. It is real it is happening and those people are a small part of the ‘they’ I refer to. Feeling anxious about sharing this I don’t know where it will take me. I’m not looking for people to say ‘its not real, if it is I don’t know about it, its not me, etc’ because of course someone who was for lack of a better phrase ‘in on it’ and talking to an outsider would say that which in turn deepens my core beliefs. I know there is some key that I am missing. I bet some of you feel similiar in your own way. But to me it is truth I have proof and no amount of medication has made it go away! I’ve tried so many: Latuda zyprexa remeron risperidone, buspar, cymbalta, (many antidepressants also) seroquel geodon…others I don’t even remember. If the antidepressants fixed my depressive cycles but antipsychotics don’t fix anything I feel like there is something more out there seriously!!!


I opened up. I feel exposed but a voice is telling me I need to. I need to have this experience wherever it leads me.