Feeling left out, alone

Do y’all ever feel like no matter how hard you try to make friends you always get left out in the end. Which other than just your sz makes you feel like there is something truly wrong with you. It’s Friday night I’m on my social media, everyone is out having fun. I didn’t get invited to anything nor do I ever make friends to get myself invited. Damn do I feel alone!


I feel very alone right now. I never get to do anything I don’t fit in with anyone I’m such a ■■■■■■■ freak only my ■■■■■■■ alters ■■■■■■■ talk to me and can stand me.

I’m sorry I’m really sad right now im sorry you’re feeling bad. I hope you feel better soon.

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Don’t apologize @Noise we are both sad and feeling bad. I sometimes feel like my voices and hallucinations are all I got and that make sense to me. I know I’m a ■■■■■■■ freak and that that’s the reason no body wants me around I just wish that wasn’t the case.

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Yea. Ive given up facebook at this point. I find it best if i structure my interactions with the outside world because i know if i don’t i’ll feel let down. People don’t like me because I’m different. I sometimes think people can just see what i can’t. They can see I’m some sort of defect or a non functioning cog in the machine, like i don’t belong. It might also have to do with that I just wear sweat pants and a hoodie now and i don’t really shave or get hair cuts regulary. We can’t see how others see us so its always about trust. At this point in my life I’ve run out of that.


It’s happened to when I was younger too. I also lost a lot of friends when I became ill and had trouble meeting other people afterwards. It used to bother me too, that feeling of missing out on life. Maybe it’s because I’m older and I found a significant other to spend my time with, but I don’t mind not going out in the weekends anymore. But I realize that doesn’t do anything to help you feel better right now, I don’t know what I can say. At least you can reach out to the other members of this forum. I’ve noticed that this is a pretty close-knit community, so I bet you’ll get a lot of support. Hope you get thru this okay, wish you only the best @Longhorn21 and @Noise

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@KingKazuma Snapchat is what just made me hit my breaking point caught my supposedly friends on a lie to only find out they are having a bbq and I got no invite. Then I look at Facebook and Instagram and everyone is out having a great time and I’m just stuck at home being a freak.

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I’m 23 and I’ve found that the voices are easier to manage when I’m social but I haven’t been social lately because it seems no one has time for me or maybe nobody wants to be around me

My personal experience is that the actual illness is only part of what you experience when you discover that you are schizophrenic, the rest is all about the abrupt changes in your world that results from becoming ill. Everything seems to change overnight, they tell you that can’t trust your own senses or judgement anymore, you find yourself losing friends, no one really understands all of the difficulties that arise after this violent shift in consciousness. But things will get better, slowly but surely. Just do you best to stay on your meds and never give up on doing what you can to feel better and improve your life. Sorry about this lengthy sermon, hope it gives you at least a little comfort. But I can completely understand how shitty you feel. I had a very rough time at first also.

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Thanks, it is comforting and good advice. For now my music is all I got, I guess for now it will do

You could try to private message somebody

Music has saved my life at different times. Sounds corny, but it’s true.

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What do you mean?

No it doesn’t sound corny at all it is honestly what has kept me from committing suicide

You can private message somebody on this site.

Oh cool I didn’t know that

Yeah just click on somebodies avatar and the envelope will pop up at the right corner and click on it.

I’m sorry, I’m not trying to sound weird or confusing. At different times I took comfort in the music I listened to and it gave me something to distract myself and enjoy when I was alone. All my life I’ve really been into music, but it really was therapeutic when I didn’t have much else to help me through the times when I wasn’t feeling well. That’s all. I have a history of being hospitalized a lot and suicidal ideation, there were times I probably would have given up if I didn’t have music to help me get thru periods of extreme loneliness and unhappiness. I hope I’m not scaring you, when I first got sick it was a different time. Nowadays the meds are better, there’s more forums and community help, and overall I think it’s a little better. So I’m hoping that you will be able to do better than I did and begin enjoying life again much faster.

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Cool Thanks Jake!

Your welcome…

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