Feeling left out

Everyone seems like they got their own thing going on around here. I feel left out.

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you have the beard and eyeglasses thing going on, all of us are participating in it?


I think you can try the man bun, you have a long face, it will suit you with a beard and black frame eyeglasses!

Also maybe wear a plaid shirt :smiley:

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What’re you talkin about @dougRN ? You’ve been posting a lot and getting lots of responses. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just feeling lonely i guess and not fitting in.

Maybe try to respond to other people’s threads?

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Yeah that might help but I feel like there is something that makes me different to every living person on this planet.

that is supposed to be a good thing actually, to be different. Do you want to be just like everyone else?

Yeah I guess but I feel like an outcast everywhere I go.

NooOooOoo! :smile:

But here’s a cat (double) bun :smile_cat:


where did you go ?

You may feel that way, but I doubt its true.

How can you not fit in? You see all the bizarre crap we post. We are just regular schizophrenic folk and if you are not attacking people (which you’re not) then you’re one of us.


Just in general even in my college cohort I feel like I don’t belong. I feel like I don’t fit in society sometimes.

and how is that a bad thing?

Well not fitting in makes me depressed.

this weather makes me depressed. It is too cold and there is no sun.

I know I live in Wisconsin and in just 3 weeks it changed from warm to freezing weather.

so what can we do about it in your opinion? :joy:

I see my therapist tomorrow so maybe he can reorientate me to reality.

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You seem to be fitting in from what I’ve seen. As for everyone having their own thing, I can assure you, I have absolutely nothing going on.

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