I feel completely alone

I can’t talk about my problems to anyone because most people around me fail to understand why I’m suffering, and so I just bottle things up because people refuse to understand. People tell me to “forget about everything good that happened before” and try to “establish a new life”.

Everytime I try to talk about it to people, I just hit a wall.

It feels like hitting a brick every time when I try to say something.

It hurts, and I don’t think I can take it for long.

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well, I’m up if you wanna talk,

and last I felt, I’m not a brick wall.

Are you in minor stress, or major stress?

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Hi, Daze. I’m in major stress. I’m really struggling but I’ll make it.

Hmm. . .

Feeling Alone Can Be, Well…, A Lonely Feeling.

Isolation, Confusion, Sadness, Anguish, Turmoil, Suffering, And So On.

Sometimes A Problem, Or Problems Can Be Solved With Some Sincere Alone Time.

A Form Of Prayer Perhaps.

Nothing Religious. Not Even Really Spiritual.

More So…, A Moment To Let Go And Gather The Center Of Yourself.

Begin Again. Start Over. Focus On Mediation. Learn Meditation. Discover New Reading Material.

Anything Really, That Can Hit The Reset Button For You.

Start Over In A Sense.

Easier Said Than Done For Sure.

But!, Worth The Effort.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :wink:

yeah? well, the worst of it is probably over, or dealt with,

and you’re just getting residual affects that complicate things.

you have power, you know?

I don’t know. Everything feels like death…

There’s a few of us in that club. Not many though. It sucks.

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I know that they don’t care about my mental health. They care a lot about my physical health, but they don’t give a ■■■■ about how I feel. I know that psychosis is shameful to them since they haven’t told my brother about it. They refused to take me to church tomorrow because of COVID-19. I’ll be malnorished spiritually, emotionally and eventually physically. I’ll keep bottling things up and eventually I’ll die alone in some way. And there’s no way that I’m telling my family.

Life is unfair. And i hate myself because it’s my problem that I have trauma. No one cares anymore and they don’t want to care. Life used to be great but now I’m stuck at home 24/7 and everything reminds me of abuse and bullying. I’m worried about people exposing my identity and me having psychosis will defame and dishonour my family.

Anyway, this is my fault and I don’t expect things will get better. There’s no way I’m getting out of this.

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If I fail in my suicide they’ll probably yell at me for a while. So i must succeed if I decide to do it.

Do you have a therapist?

No…too expensive

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Hi @laetitia ,I wish to talk for a while…

Hi, zoa! How are you?

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Kind of tired,trying to be busy :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wanted to say that I feel alone,but I know that everything in life has purpose of some kind.
Like,maybe the people you know now will change with better ones,when you leave this ones behind.
I pray,and know something will change my life…

sorry that you are feeling alone =(

do you even feel alone when you have us here?

in real life it’s hard to talk to people about these issues… they didn’t experience it and find it hard to understand it, i think.

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