My neighbor is trying to read my mind

She knows what I’m going to do as soon as I think it and then basically destroys me. It may sound lame but she is so attuned to me that she reacts to my thoughts. I’ve heard of being sensitive and having instincts but she takes it to a new level. She’s been doing it for four years.

If I may be so bold, what is she doing that lets you know she’s reacting? Is she yelling at you or pounding on your walls?

I’m trying to understand how she is stopping your from doing what you want?

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She stomps or makes LOUD thumping noises. I take it as a threat or why else would she be doing it.I’m sorry but not everything is explained rationally and sanely. I’m supposed to be the crazy one but there is crazy stuff that goes on in life.

I am sure nobody in this world has the device or brainpower to read the mind of other people. If someone reacts to your activity in the way as if she/he knows how you are thinking, that is he/she happened to be. Relax, 77nick77, and shut your door and discard the paranoia in your mind. Your neighbors live in other unit in your building and they can not sense your thinking through the thick walls.

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I’m sorry you have to put up with a loud neighbor. They sure can ware down the nerves. Is she and above neighbor or below neighbor?

Once when we lived above a loud person we put down a thick rug pad and a thick rug and that insulated some of the noise so our neighbors stomping was much more muted.


OK. I’ll take your word for it. I’m not picking on old women, there are guys here my own age here who I am dealing without being distracted by older tenants.

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Nick, I’m worried about you. You seem to be experiencing heightened sensations of targeting as of late. You don’t sound like the you that I’m used to. Hoping you are able to get in and see a pdoc or support worker soonish to look at some sort of adjustment that can help?

No offense intended by pointing this out, just hoping you are okay (and I hope you would say the same to me if you felt I was acting a bit ‘off’ my norm).


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Sorry, I hate making negative or delusional posts. It’s embarrassing to me and maybe embarrassing to you guys. My step-dad told me I can’t win so I have to give up and be discriminated against.

OK, thanks. That helps.

Don’t feel embarrassed about having posted this sort of stuff, nick. You lives alone and sometimes a noisy neighbor could cause confusion to you. I had this kind of experience before. I thought my enemy had bought the flat right above mine in order to torture me by making nasty noises.

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Please don’t be embarrassed. Loud neighbors can be very upsetting to anyone who has to deal with them.

Wether she is targeting you or she’s just an unaware loud person, there is a way to block out noise so you feel better.

thick rugs, or book cases against the walls you share with the loud neighbor, and other things can make it easier to deal with.

I was really proud of myself for this one. I leave about 4 inches between the book case and the wall and I stuff the space with sound deadening foam. That really cuts the noise.

I hope things get better for you. I used to have a neighbor that would stay up until like 3 or 4 in the morning talking loudly with his buddies or on the phone, playing video games in the room above mine. Drove me nuts, I know in his defience he was probably keeping to the time of his country, which was somewhere near Saudi Arabia but still he was far too loud. I never complained to complex about it because I didn’t want to cause trouble. I’m just glad he’s gone now and a much, much quieter family lives up there now. I barely know they’re up there.

Sometimes though banging you hear might not come from your neighbor, it could be the building settling, our apartment complex was built in the 70’s I think, so we constantly hear cracking and banging of the building settling, or things going on in the pipes. Sometimes it sounds like rats scratching at the wall, but I have never seen a rat or mouse in these apartments before. Nor have I seen traces of them. Yet I can’t rule out that there might be some in the walls…but I’m not going to investigate. I’ve learned to live with the noise.

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OK, thanks…

OK, thanks…

nick nobody is trying to read ur mind hunni. come on back to reality. maybe u should take some extra meds for a while till this goes away and make an appointment with ur pdoc hunni. i don’t like seeing u like this. i’m worried about u. please call for help xxx

My neighbor has banged on my walls before, sometimes to tell me I’m being noisy, other times for no reason at all. He almost beat me up one day. I hear his door slam several times a day. I really want him to depart but I think if I have to I will move out in July.

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No she’s not. I used to be so paranoid that I’d think the cracking sounds the walls made (in the dead of the night) were Gods way of communicating to me. If I thought a thought and at that moment the ceiling cracked then there was something of note about the thought that I thought. I actually think that this type of thinking is based on paranoia. Like for instance your mind probably always strays to thoughts of your neighbor and then you hear her make a noise. I gaurentee you that is what is happening… At least something in that ball park. Like for instance, try to forget about your neighbor and then it’ll go away. Um, see the problem with this disease is that it happens to smart people… And when you’re all doped up on meds and spend a lot of time at home… I believe that our intelligent minds find ways of entertaining them selves. See you don’t actually LOSE any of your original intelligence… Your brain just starts thinking all wacky and starts to interpret other things (like the sounds that your neighbor makes) instead of actually focusing on something more practical. With the whole science you probably invented on interpreting the sounds your neighbor makes… You could pretty much actually be breaking Morse code if you focused on that instead. Start taking up chess again instead, play against the computer. There’s a bunch of chess games for free on the internet, on the app stores or you can buy games for your computer for $20 and under.

And further more I’d like to point out that there’s a difference between wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. Knowledge tells you that that black and white animal is a skunk, and wisdom tells you not to go near it. And on intelligence… Like I don’t spell words correctly on purpose (because we have spell check now and I’m not going to waste my time to learn how to spell certain words correctly). However that doesn’t mean that I’m lacking the intelligence to learn how to spell those big words, I just choose not to waste my time with that… And whether this is wise or not, I don’t know. (And I obviously dont care about acquiring this KNOWLEGE). I digress but the point is… That your brain is picking up patterns that your brain seems to think are important. And I’m just chiming in to remind you that those patterns are not important. Why the brain does this? I don’t know I’m not a scientist, I’m more of a philosopher actually… So instead of pointing out the how’s and why’s, I would point out the question, “Even if this is true, how is this relevant to your life?”


I find having to deal with neighbours full stop is very difficult. I believe one of my neighbours
intentionally starts making more noise when she knows i’m in (i.e. she sees my car outside), this
really unnerves me as i feel she’s intruding on what i’d like to believe is my private space.
Sorry nick you’re having such a tough time.

srry but who said it is from this world?

we know so little about our world and our functioning, simply that you
can discard other options.

there is no privacy, also not in your thoughts.
there is no inner world set apart from the external world.
privacy is an illusion.
accept this and it may make you more relaxed about your neighbour.
hope it helps you