Mini-rant. More delusions?

I will accept my past posts about my neighbors were delusions. But I felt a little betrayed when some of you guys insinuated my neighbors were innocent. I am scared and intimidated yet I can’t fight back. What are they doing? They are playing on weaknesses and getting mad at will at me. While if I show ANY spark of life or fight it is swiftly taken care of and I end up invisible. THEY started the intimidation years ago. It was THEIR choice to deal that way with any mistake I make. Tell me how I’m not supposed to get mad.

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I really hate to say it nick77, but it sounds pretty unstable thinking that your neighbors “care at all” about you and what mistakes you make? I think you need to discuss these thoughts with your pdoc. Have you told him these things?

No one is innocent, I will give you that. I do however think that they are probably harmless- you mentioned the word delusions - I think that you are right. Speaking to your pdoc about them might be a good idea

I don’t think your neighbors are innocent. I said they might have problems with their mentality. But they can not read your mind or see through the walls. The point is when they made noise to annoy you , these noises annoy everyone in that building including themselves. So this kind of behavior has its limit and it will subside with time if you calm down and be cool to your neighbors when encounter them at the lift. They will find making noise to you is not fun in the end.

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Maybe know that when you react to them, you give them the power to control you.
Wish I knew how to not react to someone, other than like my mom always told me when my brothers picked on me until I cried-which happened several times a day. She said that she couldn’t follow me around and protect me from my brothers all day, and that the only reason they picked on me was because they knew I would cry. She said to learn to not react to them, just ignore them, if they couldn’t get a reaction from me, they would get bored and move on.
It’s true, it took a while to learn to ignore them, but eventually they did stop when I stopped reacting to them.


Thanks, green6. Maybe the problem is that I’m blowing everything out of proportion and taking things to the extreme. I’ve been known to do that.
You make a lot of sense. Can I say one little thing? It’s hard to ignore the history between me and my TWO neighbors. But you make a good case for just getting along with them. I didn’t move in here looking for trouble. Thanks again.

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Same thing happened to me. Felt completely normal for one week. Then a few people decided they were going to tear me down and break my spirits. Their tactics worked.

I hate to hear that BakedBeans. I can’t tell you how much these people have changed my life and threatened me and I am not supposed to do anything back. Even as I write this they are thinking of me and using every one of their wiles to win. I am two seconds away from going down to their door and settling this. It’s too much to overlook.

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nick77 please don’t confront your neighbors ? I am worried for your mental health.

Jukebox, if you had a complex full of people who are deliberately trying to drive you crazy and use you then you would understand. I’m not innocent but I didn’t start it. I have two neighbors who are concentrating every bit of energy in their power to destroy me.

But thanks for your concern.

It’s not harmless when people (accidentally or purposely) affect your life so that you can’t fight back. I have a mental illness. I am a target. Every day I read about the assaults, the murders, the violence. I can’t let people take away my ability to defend myself.

Just trying to help Nick - thats all

If your TWO neighbors are elderly people, I guess they might not like the rock music you played inside your house. It could be the insulation problem of your building because they could hear the music you played. So why don’t take the initiative by politely asking them if they could hear you playing rock music at home? This is a good start for a reconciliation between you and your neighbors.

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I agree with your entire post

OK thanks. I know it. I appreciate it.

It’s worth a try. What do I have to lose by trying, right?

i thought that your thoughts on your neigbours were real…having had bad neigbours i know how you feel.
so i beleive you 100%.
my neigbours sent me nuts…but i got my own back…i made them wet them selves.
take care

I wish I could do that to my neighbors.

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Yeah, I have a friend who is an 85 year old lady. Once She told me that the music the young people play was awfully loud and agitating. She said she liked the soft melodies of the old songs. So I guess if your neighbors have been crazy to you, there must be a reason for them to do that. Anyway, if loud music is not the reason, your good attitude could make them relaxed and soft towards you.

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