My nice neighbors

Ever waiting for me to make a wrong move so they can pounce. Always thinking of me, playing and preying on every slip-up. They have no pride.

I was wondering what could your neighbors do to you as opponents? I could not imagine it. because I live in an apartment, too, and I have almost no interactions to my neighbors. All of us shut our doors all the time. We just give a nod to one another when encountering at the lifts. We don’t even know each other’s name.

So why are you in such an intense tension against neighbors?

Mostly, I’ve been lucky in the neighbors I’ve had.

Nick, when I pray for people who anger me, the next time I run into them, the frst thing that happens is I’m happy to see them instead of still pissed off. That kind of prayer is a lot of f***ing work, however.


I don’t think your neighbors are intentionally trying to interfere with you. Try your best to ignore them and I hope that you feel better soon.


Nick I am sorry that you feel this way - are you going through a rough patch? How is the Seroquel working out for you? I would ignore the neighbors as much as you can if they are getting to you - I can easily feel this way and have in the past about my neighbors, hope you find some peace about it soon


We have new neighbours next door separated by only one wall, and they are so noisy, they drive my husband bonkers! :smile:

My neighbor was giving me the ole “you stink” routine and then her hose popped. Made my day.

Some people admittedly are like animals, but it looks 10x worse in sz.

I lived in my last building for a year and never even knew any of my neighbors. I mean on the rare occasion that we passed each other in the hall I’d say hello and most of them would respond but that was about it. There was a small dog across the hall who’d bark it’s head off every time I walked by but as for the people on either side of me, no sound nor sight of them the entire time.

ignore them, you are the better person.
take care


Well thanks darksith.

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We choose not to get angry at people who are jerks not for their sake but for our own. In alcoholics anonymous they say that when you cop a resentment at someone that person is taking up room inside your head and not paying rent.

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We haven’t had too many problems with our neighbors. For a while there was a single guy from Saudi Arabia living above us and he liked to stay up clear to like 2 or three in the morning talking loud playing video games/watching movies above my bedroom. That got annoying but he’s gone now, the guy that lives up there now is only temporarily staying above us during the week. On the weekend he goes back to where ever his farm is and stays there…apparently the people he works for has something he does in the city during the week and he stays at the apartment then. The couple that lived next to us used to have this dog that would bark at anyone who’d open the front door to the apartment, or walk by its window but I found out yesterday they moved already.

The other guy in our building works odd hours as an on call EMT driver…he’s nice enough. One time I was having troubles breathing in my sleep, being that I was sleeping on the sofa and our windows were open he apparently heard me and knocked on my door to wake me up and make sure I was okay. One time when we had the dog Hank he had to go outside at like 4 in the morning to do dog stuff and kitty snuck out the door and the neighbor guy’s now ex wife saw her in the hall and knocked loudly on the door until we answered it to let us know kitty was stuck in the hallway. So both him and his ex-wife have always been nice, quiet and kept to themselves, but nice. I couldn’t tell you about the rest of the people in the complex, but those are the only neighbors we have in our four unit building. Right now things are quiet and I like that. I just wish it would stay this way forever but I know it wont.

i think that its just the schizophrenic brain wires going bonkers i never feel a sense of privacy or peace i am always (enless im asleep) on guard i think the roots of this run deep maybe survival thing people like this would be more likely to survive if i a big cat was going to pounce on them so finding way to relax is very important hypnosis, yoga little beauty treatment etc hope this helps tc