I dont understand some of the information

i feel stupide. cant understand some information. were you like that also? does this gets better?

I feel stupid. I used to be really smart, even gifted. My psychiatrist even thinks I am or was a genius. But I’ll never be the same, just a shadow of my former self. I can’t process or understand information like I used to. I just can’t fathom it. I tried taking a finance class and a programming class, but failed miserably. My psychiatrist said I can’t and shouldn’t perform like I used to. She said expect 80%. I will never achieve 100%. I had goals of studying mathematics. Now that will never happen. The best I could do is work at Walmart. I empathize with you. I really do. This illness is earth shattering. It destroys our potential. I bet you were smart too before the illness. It’s not fair, but I guess life’s not fair. Good luck!

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I believe it can get better, but we have to retrain our minds. I’m taking supplements, exercising, reading, and doing brain training games on the I phone. I watched a video where it said schizophrenics preform 2 standard deviations below the norm. I honestly believe with the proper training, we can improve by one standard deviation.

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Ah it comes and goes. Some times I fail to get the meaning of a sentence.

I used to be really smart, now I feel like a grandfather type of character. But as a wise man once said, before my diagnosis I was smart enough to get into trouble, now I’m smart enough to keep out of trouble.

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I have plenty of reasons to feel stupid. Maybe if you’re diminished one way you can find a different way to excel.