I dont know what to do

I’m very upset right now, I’m stuck caring for the animals by myself again. I ask for help I get told they have something else to do.

I can’t get my refills till Tuesday thanks to Medicaid. I’m hearing voices and the shadow people are freaking me out.

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have patience brother…

I find it helpful when I think of myself like an actor in a scary movie with freaky special effects, as this helps me separate it from reality. Then I can stand my ground against them, as if to say: “Go ahead punk…Make my day!” Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Otherwise, the more scared I am, the worst they torment and bully me. They pipe down when I stand my ground and tell them to “bring it on” so-to-speak. It’s like they feed off my fear otherwise.


Hang in there. It will get better. Talk it out here if you need to.

The shadow people whisper and I hate it. They try telling me that the water is contaminated.

Oh man that really sucks! I am sorry you are having to deal with that.

Try puttin some music in your headphones to drown the whispers. What music do you like @cbbrown ?


One of my favorite bands is fallout boy and another is all American rejects. But I also listen to flogging molly


I just thought anxiety is good cause it makes your brain work.

I felt abut anxious but i thought thats a good thing. It means you are still alive working on your brain.

Like you let info in to prcess it into a suitable form for yourself. Either you approve or you think the situation is bad for you…damaging you…your nerves…

Some anxiety is good your right about that but for some of us our anxiety is so bad it turns into paranoia which is really damaging :confused:


Hang in there till tuesday. This to shall pass.

I was first hospitalized at age 17. I didn’t really realize it, but all the folks in my life had their own ideas about mental illness. For example, some people believed people with mental illness really had it easy.

I believe you when you write that your life is really hard and some of the folks who could make your life easier don’t lift a finger.


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Don’t let em get you in that pit of despair and embarrassment. Define yourself stand for yourself and don’t side with the enemy.

They can’t harm you. Their only effect is nerves and phycologically.

Don’t coware to evil and hate. If you’re worri3d about being made out to be totally insane by society or people around you I think you’d be surprised how many people actually will back you up. God backs me up when I am suffering and many unseen people do as well. Don’t be ashamed of yourself or full of fear and discust.

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A lot of us can relate! It’s like their sole purpose is to drive us crazy and scare the sh!t out of us. If only we could send a memo to our subconscious with an approved list of delusions:
"This week let’s try for a tropical paradise :palm_tree: where I can lay on the beach sipping a mai tai…No monsters though!! Only rainbows and unicorns!"

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I looked through my med bag and found a bottle of ativan that I had thought were stolen by my brother in law so I have two bottles of that and one refill. I took one to calm down so the shadow people’s whispers wont bug me as much


Chill out with the dragon for a while, they are pretty calming.

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Careful, ativan is addictive and addictions do not discriminate about who their victims are. Addictions cut across all walks of life and social status. Just exercise common sense and be careful.

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I just listened to a couple songs from Fall Out Boy and All-American Rejects. They sound like teenage bands :slight_smile:

It’s great that you’ve stayed young at heart @cbbrown. Just get rid of the teen angst and you’ll be super duper :blush:

I try not to take it all the time, just when I really need it

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