I don't function all that well *even on a good day

Thinks this is anxiety disorder type feelings and mixed cognitive symptoms

i can’t listen i don’t take anything in and i worry and panic.

This is not the modus operandi that i need to be able to say
’it’ll be alright on the night’
about my play which has come down for the minute, as looking less likely to happen.

Feel like a megalomaniac

Did you bring this up with your doctor? Are you on meds?

hi everhopeful

x thx yes
I’m 11 years out of hospital and 42 and a regular w a lot of name changes

I just would not could not survive the world of business
or any sort of social thing in a professional sense

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You sound a little bit disorganised.

The best thing to do is talk to someone on your medical team.

Maybe you need your meds adjusted.

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I’m sorry. Don’t beat yourself up for your level of functioning, we are all different.

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Just reduced slightly from highest possible dose of meds which I requested to deal with the psychosis breakthroughs from stress

which made me almost not able to keep my eyes open all day
I will go back up on that dose for another month
My care coordinator said she had agreed with the subsequent reduction cos I was almost gouching on it

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Maybe you decreased your medication too quickly and it has caused you some withdrawal symptoms. I was on Latuda and suffered extreme anxiety 24/7. Clozapine calmed me down as it’s a sedative. I also practice meditation for anxiety and positive affirmations and breathing techniques. I wish you well.

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